American Concrete Institute Announces Forthcoming Low-carbon code at COP28

Source: ACI | December 28, 2023

The Institute recently unveiled ACI CODE-323-24 Low-Carbon Concrete at COP28 (Conference of Parties) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The announcement was in conjunction with NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete, during a joint event with the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) at the Concrete Future Pavilion.

ACI CODE 323 is believed to be the first code on low-carbon concrete and is a fundamental stepping stone towards helping the industry lower its environmental footprint. The first iteration of the document has been rapidly developed in less than a year and is slated to be published in 2024.

“This breakthrough code for low-carbon concrete is developed to be adaptable globally by using data available in various regions,” said Antonio Nanni, President, American Concrete Institute. “The entire effort behind this code is that it will be used by everyone around the globe.”

COP refers to the United Nations’ annual conference on climate change and welcomes representatives from member parties to assess the effects of measures introduced to limit climate change.

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