Deister Offers Super-Duty Dewatering Solution

Deister dewatering screens offer a super-duty dewatering solution that delivers cost-efficient processing with deeper beds of material, and at higher tonnages, versus that of conventional dewatering screens.

Deister Super-Duty Dewatering Solution

Fine materials will dewater more effectively as the depth of bed of material increases. Due to its super-duty construction, the additional centrifugal force in the Deister dewatering screen will process more tons per hour, per square foot of screen area – and the deeper bed depth entraps more ultra-fine particles that might otherwise pass the openings.

With its declined reverse slope, the dewatering screen forces the formation of a sand “cake” that acts as a filter to trap fines – and as a press to squeeze out free water from the slurry feed – while a 45-degree sloped media section at the feed end allows for the rapid removal of free water off the top of the cake.

Deister Dewatering Screens combine the heaviest-duty construction with a time-tested vibrating mechanism to provide super-duty dewatering of feed types that include hydro-cyclone discharge, dredged sand, sand screw overflow, sand screw discharge, coal fines, settling pond fines, wash screen underflow, and shredded recyclables.

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