Deister System Saver Extends Oil Change-out Intervals

Save time, money, and oil in screening circuits with the Deister System Saver, which filters used oil – without exposing the oil to the open environment. This innovative system simply filters out harmful contaminants in the lubricating oil, allowing reuse of the oil. Importantly, it extends the life of the antifriction bearings in the lubrication system, while reducing costly bearing replacement, system downtime, and oil disposal costs.

Deister System Saver

By extending oil change intervals through filtration, producers can justify the costs and enjoy the benefits of premium grade synthetic oils. The System Saver is ideal for quick pressurized filling of viscous oils, saving time over gravity feeding.

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    Deister equipment is customized to specific customer requirements and built to produce material that meets today’s rigid specifications. Designed to integrate with all other components within an operation; Deister’s reliable separating and sizing equipment is engineered to operate hour after hour, day after day, with minimum attention and maintenance.

    Extremely rugged construction is the operator’s assurance of long, dependable, trouble-free, operating life from every Deister unit; while lower maintenance costs, uninterrupted production schedules and accurate sizing add up to lower costs per ton.

    At Deister, service is personal and responsive as top management is personally interested in the continued profitable operation of every Deister machine.

    Deister Rebuilding Services Are economic conditions limiting your ability to replace your equipment? As the original manufacturer of your equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to return your equipment to optimal operating condition. Our top-rated Deister personnel are available to visit your site to evaluate your equipment and make recommendations. Send your equipment to Deister for a detailed analysis and let our trained personnel rebuild your equipment using genuine Deister parts.

    • Save money building versus buying new
    • Modify or adapt equipment for other applications
    • Restore equipment to “as new” condition