Schurco Slurry V Series Cantilever Pump

Schurco Slurry’s V-Series cantilever slurry pump offers several advantages over vertical turbine and submersible pumps when handling abrasive slurries. There are no submerged bearings, shaft seal, or packing that requires regular maintenance, thus, reducing maintenance costs. “Snore mode” improves pump reliability, allowing operation to continue, even if there is an upset in the system. For example, if the pit or sump runs dry, snore mode allows continued operation without causing damage to the pump. Schurco Slurry’s V-Series cantilever pump allows for enhanced reliability and ease of maintenance.

Schurco Slurry Cantilever Pump

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    Schurco Slurry designs, manufactures, and markets slurry pumps for the global mining industry. They have operations worldwide, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, with manufacturing facilities in Jacksonville Florida, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa. Schurco Slurry specializes in taking on the toughest applications, while supplying pumps to market with some of the lowest lead times in the industry. Their goal is to offer the best value of any slurry pump on the market by offering competitive pricing on capital equipment, the highest quality spare and replacement slurry pump parts, and providing unmatched engineering excellence from a company that focuses on one product: slurry pumps!