Richwood’s Complete Transfer Chute Design, A Practical Approach

Complete Transfer Chute Design, A Practical Approach

Richwood Transfer Chute Design

Persistent challenges in traditional chute design have been a long-standing concern—material blockages, improper loading on conveyors, excessive chute wear, lack of maintenance access, inadequate sealing at load zones, insufficient dust control and a limited adaptability to changes in product flow. Efficient operations require better solutions.

Richwood realizes the cost of these challenges and is addressing the issues with experience and practicality.
At the core of Richwood’s design philosophy is a focus on efficiency. Each transfer chute is engineered to deliver maximum throughput while maintaining proper material flow.

Richwood Transfer Chute Design

Richwood’s commitment to safety is apparent in the design features. Integrated maintenance access, custom modular liner packages for high-wear areas, adaptability to changes in product flow, and ample space for belt cleaning equipment are all productivity enhancers in a busy mining environment. These elements not only put safety at the forefront, but also contribute to the efficiency and durability of the transfer chute.

Recognizing the importance of retrofitting existing systems, Richwood embraces innovative tools such as Discrete Element Flow programs, 3D laser scanning, and project modeling. These tools ensure precise wear liner recommendations and a seamless fit into the existing infrastructure.

When it comes to improving material handling, Richwood’s transfer chute designs offer a practical approach that result in reliable solutions. By addressing the challenges of traditional designs and prioritizing safety and efficiency, the entire operation will experience the benefits.

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    Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. We provide clean conveyors and sealed and protected load zones with site specific solutions for some of the busiest mines in the world. When Richwood solutions are in place, you benefit from lowered maintenance costs, safer work areas and more efficient operations. Rely on Richwood!