Richwood’s Material Containment System Reduces Spillage at Load Zones Reducing Labor Costs

Recurring issues, like spillage at load zones, can create operational inefficiencies from product loss and labor costs. At this location, large lump spillage had to be shoveled by hand and fines cleaned up with a vac truck after every unloading cycle. This was an expensive nuisance.

A Material Containment System was specified for the location. It included load zone impact systems under the conveyor belt with a true radius belt support profile. This configuration places the belt in full contact with belt support components at all times, protecting belting from damage and establishing a consistent foundation for the sealing system on the top side of the belt.

Richwood Material Containment System
Richwood Material Containment System

Once the correct belt support profile was established, the next step in system design was top side material containment. The system was specifically engineered for the material flow conditions in this application. A feature of this system included internal skirtboard wear liners that combined the strength to contain material against the outward pressure from material fall from the railcar dumper while providing superior wear life characteristics to handle abrasion.

The design included 2 ½” thick rubber Canoe Liners with belt profile beveled edge installed on the inside of the skirtboards. Canoe Liners double as a sealing component while protecting the metal skirtboards from material abrasion.

Combining the solid foundation under the train unloading hopper belt using Impact Saddles, Cushion Arc Idlers and top side containment Canoe liners, a positive seal was created. Now, as the material fills the hopper and chute under the railcars it is safely contained.

Savings include the discontinued use of a hired vac truck, recovery of previously lost product, more productive use of work hours and safer working conditions for site operators.

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