Eliminate Carryback – With Belt Cleaning by Richwood

Design adaptability, innovative blade forms and materials, engineering and technical support, and care for the customer, have been the components of the long-term success of an industry changing design.

Belt Cleaning by Richwood

Each belt cleaning system is manufactured at their facilities in Huntington, WV for guaranteed quality control. According to COO Kevin Maloy, “The successful performance results delivered by the 1C system have never been matched by other equipment designs, leading to being “often copied, never duplicated”.

Belt Cleaning by Richwood
Belt Cleaning by Richwood

Richwood cleaners provide a real return on investment. When you don’t have to worry about carryback, you can focus on other aspects of productivity.

Richwood does not authorize any company to make its cleaning blades and does not manufacture under any other name. Trust the original. Rely on Richwood.

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    Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. We provide clean conveyors and sealed and protected load zones with site specific solutions for some of the busiest mines in the world. When Richwood solutions are in place, you benefit from lowered maintenance costs, safer work areas and more efficient operations. Rely on Richwood!