Belt Cleaning with Richwood’s Precise Pull Mechanical Tensioning System

Richwood belt cleaners are always engineered for the application where they will be placed in service.

Richwood’s Mechanical Tensioning System
Designed-to-fit actuators, proprietary blade materials in a variety of blade shapes and belt cleaner models based on the severity of the application allow for the right recommendations in any situation.

Richwood’s Mechanical Tensioning System
The Richwood Precise Pull Mechanical Tensioning System with integrated tension dampener is a new option for Richwood belt cleaning systems.

Richwood’s Mechanical Tensioning SystemIdeal for use with the FRP Front Runner Pre-Cleaner or the ITC Infinity Tungsten Blade, the mechanical tensioning system keeps the blade effectively pressurized against the belt, while allowing splices to safely pass through. The Precise Pull Tension Dampener is a dependable option for reliable belt cleaning with minimal maintenance.

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