Richwood Rock Flex Magnetic Wear Liners Solve Wear Problems in Transfer Chutes

In an application where excessive chute wear required monthly patching of the chute wall, Rock Flex Magnetic Wear Liners has provided a solution. Typical maintenance required hot work inside the chutes, a crane, and the need to work near suspended loads.

Richwood Rock Flex Magnetic Wear Liners

Rock Flex® magnetic wear liners were installed and after fourteen months, the liners show very little signs of wear. This solution has eliminated the holes in chute walls and related spillage. It has also increased safety as there is no need for the use of a crane with sheets of steel or hot work inside the chute.

Richwood Rock Flex Magnetic Wear Liners

The easy-to-handle size of Rock Flex Magnetic liners make them easy to install by one person. For more information about Richwood Magnetic Liner options, call (304) 525-5436.

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