Richwood’s Material Containment Systems = Worry-Free Load Zones

Each application has its challenges. Material loss, wear and tear on equipment and safety issues are common problems in material handling, but they can be successfully solved.

Richwood Material Containment SystemsBefore

Richwood Material Containment SystemsAfter

Richwood has been providing solutions for load zones and transfer areas for more than forty years. For every application, Richwood conducts a thorough review and makes recommendations based on CEMA standards and our global experience.

At this location, the client had been spending over forty man-hours per week in clean up as well as additional costs in the use of cleaning equipment. Richwood recommended a material containment system comprised of Canoe Liners, Skirt Clamps with Rubber Skirting, Impact Saddles, Cushion Arcs and Edge Seal Bars.

The immediate return on investment has been a reduction of clean up time from over forty hours a week to 1-2 hours a month! The only escaping material is from fugitive dust from an unsealed delivery system above this transfer.

Experience worry-free load zones, Rely on Richwood!

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    Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. We provide clean conveyors and sealed and protected load zones with site specific solutions for some of the busiest mines in the world. When Richwood solutions are in place, you benefit from lowered maintenance costs, safer work areas and more efficient operations. Rely on Richwood!