Richwood’s New ON-Track™ Tracking Idler

The new ON-Track tracking idler is a new way of solving the problem of belt mis-tracking. The system design is proactive instead of reactive, focusing on prevention of belt side tracking and misalignment instead of just correcting a belt misalignment after it occurs. ON-Track applies tension to both sides of the belt. The belt’s tendency is to find the place of lowest tension, or equilibrium, so it stays centered on the structure.

Richwood Industries

ON-Track Prevents Belt Mis-Tracking

Richwood Industries

ON-Track Belt Tracking Idler

Should the belt attempt to misalign, the gentle tension differential created by the ON-Track unit keeps the belt in place in center of the conveyor structure. The unit’s multiple roll design also creates a smooth arc to aid in guiding the conveyor, with tension meanwhile getting gradually greater in the areas closer to the edge.

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