Richwood Designed System for Conveyor Transfer Areas is the Best Choice for a Load Zone

Richwood Conveyor Transfer AreasBefore
Richwood Conveyor Transfer AreasAfter

Application Specs:

  • Belt Width 48”
  • Belt Speed 400’per minute
  • Tons per hour 1200
  • Material Limestone 12”

A complete, Richwood designed system for conveyor transfer areas is the best choice for a load zone that is properly designed and provides the best results.

Richwood engineers and manufactures complete transfers that are designed for best material flow, proper belt sealing, positive material containment, and minimal maintenance.

The Material Containment System:

  • Contains material throughout the length of the conveyor transfer
  • Uses a chambered system designed to reduce air velocity
  • Dust and dust particles settle before exiting the transfer area

Our approach to each application includes an evaluation of complete system requirements.

Passive dust control systems with quality components will provide:

  • Long-term positive dust control
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Safer, more productive transfer areas

Whatever the needs of your application, Richwood can design an effective dust control solution for you.

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    Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. We provide clean conveyors and sealed and protected load zones with site specific solutions for some of the busiest mines in the world. When Richwood solutions are in place, you benefit from lowered maintenance costs, safer work areas and more efficient operations. Rely on Richwood!