Richwood’s Patented Belt Cleaners Stands the Test of Time

Thirty years ago, a new concept in belt cleaning, simply called the 1C, was introduced by Richwood.

The basic design has not only endured, but its success has caused a rethinking of old universals in the belt cleaning industry. When the 1C showed that it could reliably eliminate carryback, and do so with ever increasing belt speeds and tonnages, the question had to be asked, “What makes a belt cleaner, working in a wide range of industries, perform so consistently?”

Richwood Industries

For the Richwood 1C, several factors have contributed to this success.

First, each cleaner is still designed specifically for the application in which it will be installed. The adaptability of design makes it a great choice for the variety of conditions and configurations in the material handling industry.

Richwood Industries
Richwood Industries

Secondly, the belt cleaning blade material is unique. Richwood uses specifically blended rubber for its blade material. It is made for long life and its belt-friendly properties. Other varieties are also available, each recommended based on the severity of the application.

Another feature of Richwood cleaners is engineering and technical support. Each cleaner includes an engineered application drawing with the mounting arrangement and all necessary equipment. From start to finish, each stage of the process is there to make sure the installation is easy and that the cleaner provides long service life.

Lastly, Richwood cleaners provide a great return on investment. When you don’t have to worry about carry-back, you can focus on other aspects of productivity. Part of this peace of mind comes from the assurance that Richwood guarantees the performance of their products. Richwood offers a 100% money back guarantee on user satisfaction and most importantly, they seek to partner with their clients to create relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
These components: design adaptability, innovative blade forms and materials, engineering and technical support, and care for the customer, have been the components of the long-term success of an industry changing design. For a free evaluation of your application, call Richwood 800-237-6951.

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