Richwood Belt Cleaning Systems

Application: Richwood Secondary and Tertiary Belt Cleaners

Material: Limestone/ Zinc 6”-
Belt Width: 48”
Belt Speed: 500 fpm
TPH: 800
Recommendation: Secondary and Tertiary Richwood 1C-ITC belt cleaners

Richwood Industries

Front of Secondary Blade

Richwood Industries

Behind Secondary Blade

Before: Excessive carryback, material loss and constant maintenance.

After: Photo shows product in service using two blade positions. The belt is clean and material is kept in its place. Work environment is cleaner and safer.

Richwood Industries


Richwood IndustriesAfter

• Saving an estimated $70,000 per year in clean-up costs and the cost of material loss.
• Blade life of 15 months.
• Clean and safe work areas free from debris

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    Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. We provide clean conveyors and sealed and protected load zones with site specific solutions for some of the busiest mines in the world. When Richwood solutions are in place, you benefit from lowered maintenance costs, safer work areas and more efficient operations. Rely on Richwood!