Benetech’s Patented MaxZone® Modular Load Zone System

Benetech’s patented MaxZone® Premium modular skirtboard seals your load zone to reduce airborne and fugitive dust, preventing product loss and spillage while improving material flow. This system can be used to retrofit an existing system creating an economical solution that enhances performance by sealing and containing your load zone.

With the system’s modular design, replacing components can be done without special permits or extended shutdowns – increasing personnel safety and overall productivity. Various skirting seal and inspection door options are available.

Installation is simple and affordable, and little to no modification is required. We offer full install, partial install, or on-site management.

MaxZone® Features & Benefits

  • Dust mitigation – Reduces belt wear, material spillage, and generation of dust
  • Modular design – Quicker repairs; less downtime; more production
  • Safer operations – No confined entry requirements to adjust liners
  • Health risk reduction – Employee health improves with reduced airborne dust and spillage maintenance
  • Less stoppages – Less spillage means less cleanup time and higher production output
  • Easy installation – Minimal to no welding modification necessary
  • XN Liner® – Improve belt performance instantly with exterior adjustments of wearliners
Benetech’s MaxZone SystemBenetech’s MaxZone® Premium Skirtboard System

MaxZone® Systems are available in two models: Premium or Standard.


  • For heavy duty applications of rock, coal, and aggregate
  • Best available market performance load zone system to seal dust and prevent spillage
  • No confined space permits required to service


  • For lighter duty applications of wood, biomass, cement, recycling, and frac sand
  • Incorporates the patented features of the MaxZone® Premium, but at a discounted price

MaxZone® Premium or Standard Systems include:

  • Skirtboard Walls
  • XN Liner® – externally-adjusted wearliners
  • Quick-Release Clamps
  • Belt Skirting
  • Peaked or Flat Hoods
  • Dust-tight Inspection Doors
  • Dust Curtains
  • Tailbox
Benetech’s MaxZone SystemBefore & after results of a MaxZone® installation at an aggregates facility

MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard System – Featured Components
Optimum productivity is impossible to attain without the proper load zone containment in place. Damaged belts, material spillage, and increased downtime hurt efficiency and make moving material more difficult. The MaxZone® system has been designed to maximize material flow and ensure superior load zone containment.

  1. Tailbox / Tailseal
    The tailbox/tailseal reduces maintenance time by preventing material spillage and rollback.
  2. Dust Curtain
    Our easy change dust curtains interrupt airflow and allow dust to settle on belt reducing fugitive dust and improving housekeeping.
  3. Unique Peaked Hood Design
    The peaked hood design on our Premium model provides superior passive material handling control by containing fugitive dust and shedding accumulated dust within the system.
  4. Inspection Doors
    Dust-tight inspection doors give easy access to key areas for simplified service and maintenance. Several options available.
  5. Skirtboard Sealing System
    Side skirt seals utilize quick-release clamps that contain dust, eliminate spillage, and reduce clean up. Installation and maintenance are quick and easy.
  6. XN Liner® Wearliners
    Our patented XN Liner® wearliners extend the life of the containment and seal system. External adjustment minimizes downtime and eliminates the need for confined space entry.

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