Eagle Iron Works Offers Thickeners and Filter Presses Through Partnership with Diefenbach

Eagle Iron Works has partnered with Diefenbach to offer a proven line of Thickeners and Filter Presses to EIW customers who are looking to purchase a complete tailings and water management system from one vendor. With this new partnership, Eagle Iron Works is excited to provide its customers with a complete line of end-to-end washing equipment.

EIW Thickeners and Filter Presses

Diefenbach’s range of Thickeners and Filter Presses will help customers recover reusable process water from wash plant waste streams and therefore lessen the burden on ponds, reducing pond size as a result. Customers will be able to order Diefenbach branded Filter Presses and Thickeners through Eagle Iron Works, as well as receive parts, customer service and field service.

Diefenbach Thickeners can be used to recover immediately reusable process water in a wide range of applications, such as clarifying waste streams and tailings management in mining and aggregate processing applications. Thickeners can be used to concentrate and thicken solids in the waste stream to help reduce the volume of slurry going into the settling pond. They are also used to reduce freshwater requirements by recovering process water that can be reused as wash water in wet plants. Diefenbach offers Elevated High-Rate Thickeners, as well as Paste Thickeners, both equipped with an innovative feedwell and auto-dilution options.

Filter Presses offer the highest level of liquid-solid separation without using chemicals. They recover immediately reusable process water and produce a solids product that is drip-free and easily managed with mechanical handling equipment. Diefenbach offers a range of Overhead Beam Filter Presses, Side Beam Filter Presses and Hybrid Filter Presses that combine the features of both the Overhead and Side Beam Filter Presses.

“This Diefenbach partnership will give EIW dealers a complete end-to-end washing equipment line,” said Tim Miller, Business Line Director. “Our customers have voiced the need for equipment that allows them to recover reusable process water as well as lessen the need for pond space.”

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