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AGGREGATE SCREENS Compass Wire is a one stop shop provider for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement screens for both portable plants and stationary plants. We supply hooked screens and edged preps, panels, and trommel screens and parts, for aggregate customers. Compass Wire offers a wide variety of screening media.Compass Wire Cloth ScreensOur aggregate screens are designed for companies screening gravel, asphalt, sand, limestone, and more!

High carbon and stainless-steel openings are available for almost immediate shipment from our extensive inventory. Special sizes, styles, and materials are always available. Shroud materials including stainless, galvanized and mild steel, and other materials are available on request.

Variety of Hooked Screens for Aggregate
Vibrating replacement screens are ideal for a wide range for industries including stone, mineral, chemical, food, plastic and agriculture. Screens are fabricated based on your specifications – available in both standard and custom sizes. Whether separating solids from liquids, or sizing other material, our hooked screens are produced to your specifications. Screens can be fabricated with inserts, backing cloth, open end preparation, heat sealed protective tape, etc. Compass Wire can help you find the best screen style for the aggregate materials you are processing.


Compass Wire Cloth Screens
Compass Wire Cloth Screens

Compass’s Wire Cloth Screens are fabricated to suit your requirements and come in a variety of material choices and hook and edge prep materials.

  • Greater throughput
  • Various width and lengths
  • More cost effective than rubber or polyurethane
  • Designed to withstand product impact and vibration fatigue
  • Stainless steel, high carbon & low carbon steel alloys materials available
  • Hook and Edge Prep materials – Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Custom Material

Wire Cloth Weave Styles
Efficient screening of materials requires the right weave. We have one of the largest selections of weave styles available. More weave selection means better designs for special needs… aggregate production, mineral sizing, grain drying, traveling water screens, power plant applications, livestock flooring and many others. Select from the weaves shown here or call us for information on special fabricated screens.

Compass Wire Cloth Screens

  • Double Crimp- All around performance for medium to heavy wire in relation to screen opening size. Efficient and long-wearing in a variety of applications.
  • Loc-Crimp – For light to medium wire in relation to screen opening size. Wire is locked in place for long wear and accurate screen openings for the life of the screen.
  • Loc-Crimp Double-Crimp – Single shoot oblong openings solve minor blinding problems for better flow
  • Flat Top – Improves material flow with flatter surface than other weaves. Lock weave maintains accurate openings.
  • Tri-Loc – Long openings will keep sticky or wet material flowing freely. Weave holds wires securely yet permits slight vibration to keep openings clear.
  • Intercrimp – When open area is important. Extra crimps provide locking and tightness for light wires in relation to the large openings
  • Tri-Mesh – All the advantages of Tri-Loc weave with Loc-Crimp in one direction and Dbl-Crimp in the other. In addition, the length of the slot can be made to any opening and wire specification

Non-Blinding Screens
Compass Wire offers Non-Blinding Screens (images below) – these self-cleaning screens are made of wires that vibrate independently to keep both production rates and product quality at the highest level. All non-blinding screens are available in oil-tempered and stainless steel wire, and can be hooked with any edge style to fit all screening equipment.

Compass Wire Cloth Screens A-Style Screens

  • Triangular Shaped Openings
  • Resilient to damage from oversized material
  • Most accurate for sizing


B-Style Screens

  • Diamond-shaped openings
  • Accurately size dry or damp material
  • Also available in High Carbon wire


C-Style Screens

  • Herringbone weave pattern
  • Prevent roots, grass and other debris from clogging screen surface
  • Used where gradation from raw to finished is not great

Available with polyurethane clusters

  • Poly replaces the woven wire clusters for greater flexibility, long life and little to no blinging in damp and sticky applications.


These cylindrical screens classify aggregate products when processing wet materials such as soil, mulch, and sand.

We can fabricate our edges to OEM specs, or use our custom fabricated shrouded edge (up to certain wire diameters) or a welded-on edge.

Available wire diameters range from 0.135 to 0.375

TROMMEL BRUSHES are used to clean the screens


We carry a wide variety of piano wire in stock to ensure a quick delivery.

Harp fingers are also available:


  • Longer life span than wire cloth
  • Excellent though put due to reduced plugging and blinding
  • Easy installation and flexible installation options – snap in replacement areas!
  • Modular or permanent with quick installation


  • Rubber surface molded to steel backing plate
  • Ideal for scalping applications
  • Excellent abrasion, impact and wear resistance
  • Used for wet or dry applications


  • AKA “punch plate”
  • Available in various opening shapes – round, square, slotted or hexagonal perforated openings.
  • Staggered opening to prevent blinding
  • Efficient at screening material to a specific size
  • Used for both Wet or Dry applications
  • Superior wear and impact resistance
  • Maximum open area
  • Available in high carbon steel

Hook and Edge Prep
Compass Wire fabricates screens with a variety of hooks and shroud material to suit your requirements.

Hook & Edge Prep Materials
Mild Steel
Galvanized Steel
Stainless Steel
Custom Material


Compass Wire carries a full line of replacement parts!

Bolts, Nuts, Pins, Wedges
Side Clamp Rails
Channel Rubber
Deister Donuts
Skirtboard Rubber
Spray Bar Deflector
Trommel Brushes
T-Scale Rubber
Sharkskin Panels
UHMV Panels
All Polyurethane Parts 
Classifier Shoes

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    Compass Wire is a one stop shop provider for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement screens for both portable plants and stationary plants. We maintain one of the largest and most complete roll good and cut piece inventories in all meshes, alloys, and wire diameters in the industry.

    As an ISO 9001:2015 certified fabricator of wire cloth, we truly value the quality of our products, which is why our screens are thoroughly inspected by our experienced quality control team before each order gets sent out. We understand there's no time for downtime.

    Our focus is primarily processing industries needing particle sizing, sifting or filtering of material. We serve wide variety of industries globally such as agriculture, recycling, sand and stone, food, minerals and plastics.

    Whether it’s edged, hooked, round or aggregate screens you need, we supply it. Experience the Compass Wire Cloth difference: quick turnaround, value, and customer service before, during and after the sale.

    Make Compass Wire your go-to source for replacement screens today.