Conn-Weld Industries: Supplying Customized Replacement Parts

Conn-Weld manufactures a complete line of replacement parts, made from the highest-quality materials and custom-designed for customer specifications…

Conn-Weld Industries Replacement Parts

Conn-Weld has an abundant inventory of raw materials, allowing for better control of their production schedule and the ability to quickly fulfill requests, reducing downtime for customers. Measuring to direct fit, in addition to their strict quality-control process, ensures that parts arrive on time and are easy to install.


Side plates available in a variety of sizes, reinforced at drive area, designed with lifting lugs, welded or trunnion spring mounts.

Conn-Weld Industries Replacement Parts

Deck frames can be retro-fitted or customized to accommodate any screen media.

Conn-Weld Industries Replacement Parts

Discharge lips available with AR liners, high-impact rubber or other wear materials.

Conn-Weld Industries Replacement Parts

Feed box furnished with an abrasion resistant wear plate.

Conn-Weld Industries Replacement Parts

Double or Single Beam Cross Members – Heavy-duty deck support systems customized to match customer’s screen media.

Conn-Weld Industries Replacement PartsFor a complete line of main components, drive mechanicals, and wearing parts visit

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    Conn-Weld Industries, LLC is a custom manufacturer of screening equipment. Founded in 1975, Conn-Weld’s 400,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has grown to serve customers across the United States and around the globe. Conn-Weld offers a full line of vibrating screens and components with installations in wide variety of markets including aggregate, crushed stone, sand & gravel, specialty sand, concrete sand, mortar sand, cement, asphalt, recycling, water treatment, mineral processing, hard-rock mining, coal, food, and more. Conn-Weld engineers are experts in bringing solutions to customers toughest applications.

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