Conn-Weld Industries High Capacity, Rapid Dewatering Screens with Proven Performance

With over 46 years in the industry and 150-years combined experience, Conn-Weld engineers are experts in bringing solutions to customers’ most challenging applications, dewatering being one of the toughest. Conn-Weld Dewatering Screens are field-proven in tackling this challenge.

These high-frequency screens are designed for high capacity and rapid dewatering.  Our team partners with customers to ensure the right options and media bring efficient results to your project.   Whether replacing an existing screen or a new installation, Conn-Weld builds to fit your structure.  Our vertical integration manufacturing model means we control costs, inventory and delivery bringing customers what they want, when they want it.


Offering multiple options for optimal performance:

  • Feed Box
  • Underflow Pan
  • Sub-Base
  • Ceramic & UHMW Lining
  • A-Frame
  • Pivoting Motor Base
Conn-Weld Industries Dewatering ScreensBuilding a variety of sizes to fit customers needs from compact replacement screens to new structure installations:
3’ x 10’|4’ x 10’|4’ x 12’|4’ x 16’|5’ x 10’|5’ x 12’|6’ x 12’|8’ x 12’

Proven G-Master ® drive mechanism with spherical roller bearings oil lubricated with patented reservoirs.

Conn-Weld Industries Dewatering ScreensG-Master® Mechanism:
1000 Series | 2000 Series

Conn-Weld Screening Systems and Media
Conn-Weld’s Urethane is made of the highest quality materials in the industry to suit the most abrasive applications whether wet screening or dry screening:

  • Non-blinding openings for better screen filtration
  • Available in a variety of openings and thicknesses
  • High open area panels for better screening capability
  • A variety of boltless urethane assemblies available
Conn-Weld Industries Dewatering Screens

Two 6’ x 12’ Dewatering Screens installed in a concrete sand application show efficient results. See the dryness of material.

Conn-Weld Industries Dewatering Screens

Adjustable discharge end dam


Conn-Weld’s high frequency dewatering screen is designed so that the feed end is declined at 45-degrees with the main deck inclined at 5 degrees, making for a thick bed depth that traps fine particles allowing the water to drain.

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    Conn-Weld Industries, LLC is a custom manufacturer of screening equipment. Founded in 1975, Conn-Weld’s 400,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has grown to serve customers across the United States and around the globe. Conn-Weld offers a full line of vibrating screens and components with installations in wide variety of markets including aggregate, crushed stone, sand & gravel, specialty sand, concrete sand, mortar sand, cement, asphalt, recycling, water treatment, mineral processing, hard-rock mining, coal, food, and more. Conn-Weld engineers are experts in bringing solutions to customers toughest applications.

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