Conn-Weld’s Extreme Duty Scalping Screens

Conn-Weld Scalping Screens

Conn-Weld’s Extreme Duty Scalping Screens stand up to the most severe applications and large tonnages.

Conn-Weld Scalping Screens

Heavy duty decks withstand the unforgiving impact of top size material that can reach the size of a compact car.


  • Mechanism with outboard counterweights allow for adjustable stroke
  • Heavy duty modular designed deck support frame for large particle feed
  • Overload springs for surge loads
  • Designed for large particle separation, large tonnage and extremely large top size
  • Oil reservoirs assure constant bearing lubrication
  • Oil lubrication
  • Two-part epoxy paint
  • Cardan Drive Shaft

Conn-Weld Scalping Screens

Conn-Weld’s Extreme Duty Scalping screens stand up to the most severe applications and large tonnages. Durable suspension is specifically designed to tolerate surge loads.

Conn-Weld Scalping Screens

This stalwart machine means serious productivity and therefore, we believe our Extreme Duty Scalping screen is highly effective on heavy loads at maximum capacity.


  • Wear protection available for feed impact and discharge plate.
  • Grizzly Weldment openings designed per customer specifications.
  • Mild, Abrasion Resistant, or stainless-steel liners for side plates and support beams.

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