Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal Screen

Process Solutions in Action
Conn-Weld demonstrates process solutions in action by getting the most out of an 8’ x 16’ DD Horizontal Scrubber Discharge Screen

Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal Screen

Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal
This 8’ x 16’ DD Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal Screen paired with a Flat Sieve Unit puts process solutions into action.
See results as this video demonstrates: Process Solutions In Action – Conn-Weld Industries, LLC.

Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal Screen

 Sizing and Application
Conn-Weld offers engineering services to size and apply equipment correctly. Engineers evaluate your process and custom design products to meet your specific needs.

Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal Screen

Equipment Features:

  • Feed Box and Discharge lips with AR Liner
  • Heavy Duty Deck Support Frame
  • Rubber Flap Spring Guards
  • Rubber Lined Cross Members
  • Pivoting Motor Base
  • A-Frame Motor Stand
  • Jacking Pads for Spring Maintenance

Conn-Weld Sieves and Feed Systems

Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal Screen
Conn-Weld G-Master Horizontal Screen

Conn-Weld’s Feedbox and Sieve holder combination work together to distribute material properly across the screen.

A customized feed system ahead of your vibrating screen will increase wear-life, in addition to maximizing screening efficiency. A feedbox with a fixed or curved sieve, installed with the proper screen media, will offer benefits from a process standpoint by taking out some of the material before it gets to the vibrating screen thus increasing the throughput.

Let Conn-Weld put process solutions into action for you by designing a feed system for your application.

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