Real-time Access to Live Production Data with Loadscan’s Conveyor Volume Scanner

Loadscan’s mine-specific Conveyor Volume Scanner (CVS) allows mines to manage and optimise material flow in real-time. It’s a viable measurement alternative to traditional weight-based systems. With a measurement accuracy better than 98.5%, the CVS enables accurate real-time inventory tracking and reporting.

Load height measurement output

With the CVS you can easily identify large rocks and monitor load height on the belt (height/depth of the load material above the belt). Centre height and maximum height measurement methods are supported.

 Loadscan CVS


A proximity sensor ensures reliable non-contact speed measurement, eliminating the need for regular and costly recalibration. Built-in 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi allows password-secured remote access via tablet, smartphone, laptop or company network.

Live production data
With digital and analogue integration into most external mine management or SCADA/PLC systems, the CVS allows for real-time inventory tracking and reporting. The system includes onboard Modbus TCP Server with full configuration interface, RESTful API option to communicate with external control systems, and an optional add-on I/O allowing external analogue (4-20mA) communication.

Throughput can be tracked and reported by volume or weight. It’s important to note that the CVS is an optical scanner and not a scale. Weight measurements are derived from the scanned volume and are calculated based on the customers own bulk conversion factors.

The user-friendly operator interface ensures simple implementation and delivers powerful operational reporting.

Loadscan CVSThe Loadscan CVS is part of an integrated measurement and reporting system


A range of frame sizes to fit most conveyor belts
In most cases the scan head would be attached to one of Loadscan’s expandable standard frames for a secure fit to the conveyor belt. The CVS system can be used with shallow and deep ‘V’ conveyor belt set-ups.

Available in three sizes, the CVS mining conveyor scanner can be adjusted to mount easily on a variety of belt sizes, providing maximum flexibility to suit most conveyor systems.

Benefit summary of conveyor volume scanning with the CVS

  • Real-time access to live production data with digital and analogue integration into mine management and SCADA/PLC systems
  • Manage and optimise material flow in real-time
  • A viable measurement alternative to traditional weight-based systems
  • Eliminates the need for regular and costly scale recalibration
  • Better manage equipment and accurately control throughput

For mines wanting to more effectively understand production flow rate, the CVS is the perfect solution. For more information visit

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    Over 20 years ago Loadscan invented and patented the original  load volume scanner, and since then we have been the market leader in providing certified* accurate and reliable load information. Loadscan is the only volumetric scanning manufacturer with internationally recognised Weights and Measurement Certifications*, which ensures that when we measure loads you can be confident they are absolutely accurate to +/-1%. 

    Our advanced volume scanning and measurement systems provide the detailed insights necessary for mines to optimise production loading and throughput. Our business is about improving the profitability of our global customer base, and our load scanning technology is enabling substantially improved operational and financial performance for forward-thinking mines across the world.

    If there are loads to be measured, no matter where you are, you can rely on Loadscan.  Because no-one does it more accurately than us.