Cardinal Scales’s ARMOR Digital Truck Scales

Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR® digital truck scales provide many distinct advantages over the competition which benefit the customer and save time. The NTEP and Measurement Canada legal-for-trade ARMOR® series offer the quickest installation time in the truck scale industry, strongest weighbridge construction, longest-lasting paint finish, unique axis frictionless centering system, remote Cloud-based diagnostics monitoring, and the most advanced digital load cell technology for maximum uptime.

Cardinal Scales ARMOR Truck Scales

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    203 East Daugherty St. Webb City, MO 64870
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    Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company is a vertically-integrated scale and load cell manufacturer that prides itself on making most of their products under one roof. Cardinal Scale offers the widest selection of truck scale applications and technology from one source. The company’s experienced engineering staff design and engineer products which are then manufactured in the company’s production facility in Webb City, MO. Cardinal Scale manufactures a complete line of quality weighing products and systems, including truck scales, railroad scales, hopper scales, floor scales, weight indicators, remote displays, connectivity devices, and related vehicle weighing software and mobile apps.

    Established in 1950 by WH Perry, the company has been featured on the TV shows “How It’s Made” and “World’s Greatest!”. The family-owned and privately-held company has dealers in 110 countries and has shipped products into 150 countries around the world. Cardinal Scale is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and VCAP certified for quality standards. Cardinal Scale was the first company to manufacture all-steel mechanical motor truck scales and the first to manufacture portable, self-contained motor truck scales.