Dings Co. Magnetic Group – A Tradition of Excellence

Dings Co. Magnetic Group has been providing reliable performance with continuous protection of your processing equipment since 1899. We have been trusted for over 120 years in achieving our customer’s unique goals by providing cost-effective, long-lasting performance in magnetic solutions. Our experienced engineering, manufacturing and sales team work together, under one roof, to provide expert advice and solutions. Dings Company Magnetic Group designs and manufactures all products in the USA. Our products are custom made to be integrated into your existing production lines. We offer different designs, models, accessories and packages to meet your specific needs.

Magnetic Head Pulley

Dings Co. Overhead Magnetic Products

Customized Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Overhead Self-Cleaning Electromagnet

Dings Co. Overhead Magnetic Products

Continuous and Effortless Separating Solutions

Overhead Stationary Electromagnet

Dings Co. Overhead Magnetic Products

20 Year Warranty on Coil Burnout for Electromagnets

Overhead Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnet

Dings Co. Overhead Magnetic Products

SS Steel Frame That Prevents ‘Belt Porcupining’


Overhead Stationary Permanent Magnet

Dings Co. Magnetic Group

Lifetime Warranty on Magnetism

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    Since 1899 Dings Company Magnetic Group has been providing metal separation solutions to companies around the world. The company manufactures a complete line of electro and permanent overhead magnets to be positioned cross belt or in line and magnetic head pulleys for mining and aggregate applications. Dings electro magnets, self cleaning and stationary carry an industry best 20 year coil warranty.