Vulcan On-Board Scales Weighing Solutions for Underground and Above Ground Vehicles

Weigh Your Mining Payload At The Pick Up Point While Also Tracking Truck Frame Fatigue.

Vulcan On-Board ScalesVulcan Rear Hinge Pin and Load Cells Installed in a Volvo A40D Articulated Vehicle


Vulcan On-Board Scales has weighing solutions for underground and above ground vehicles. We offer model specific on-board weighing solutions for high capacity dump and articulated dump trucks carrying greater than 20 tons. The scales include a meter in the cab of the truck and warning options to let the loader know when the maximum capacity has been reached. Additional options include Vulcan’s V700 Remote Display and exterior mounted scoreboards.

  • Weight information can be used by the driver to limit loading of the vehicle in order to avoid overweight conditions or to load the vehicle to maximize payload efficiency
  • Management can use the weight information to determine loading efficiency of the vehicle, carry back weight and the unused truck capacity due to under loading
  • Overload information can be useful in creating vehicle service strategies and determining overall vehicle service lifetime


Vulcan On-Board Scales

Vulcan On-Board Scale Systems installed in a CAT 740 Articulated Hauler at Doe Run Lead Mine in Missouri (left),
a Sandvik TH550 at Raglan Nickel Mine in Quebec, Canada (center) and a Volvo A40D Articulated Hauler during installation (right)


Vulcan On-Board Scales

Terex Payhauler dump truck style 50 ton vehicle installed with a Vulcan On-Board Scale System

Additional Data that can be derived by using Vulcan On-Board Scales Systems.
Weight data includes: the number of loads hauled per shift, tons hauled per shift, time between loading and dumping, carry back weight and fatigue impact of payload and road conditions as it relates to a vehicles chassis and other critical components.

Managers can set operational weight limits, the driver can act on that weight limit using continual, real-time feedback from the in cab weight display. All data is stored and can be sent to external computing devices.

The Vulcan On-Board Scale System is a simple and effective way for companies to monitor and control how much each vehicle or fleet is hauling. It grants access to the immediate benefits of increase hauling efficiency aspects while also reinforcing positive driving habits and minimizing safety and liability concerns.

Vulcan On-Board Scales

Mining vehicles lined up at Thio Nickel Mine, New Caledonia in the South Pacific Ocean

Case study demonstrates payload without an on-board scale system

This shows average payload of truck #931 at Thio Nickel Mine in New Caledonia.
Truck capacity: 50 tonne, number of loads: 877 over 35 days.
– 27% of the loads were 40 tonnes or less
– 16% were over 50 tonnes
– Average unused capacity was 6.2 tonnes (12.4% truck capacity)
– Average carry back weight was .9 tonnes

Vulcan On-Board Scales
Vulcan On-Board Scales

Vulcan On-Board Scales

A plate load cell, dump truck hinge pin and a V600 meter

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