Van Tongeren’s Breakthrough Dry Process Classifier Systems Separate Particles Without Water

Air classifier systems from process equipment manufacturer Van Tongeren America, Lebanon, Pa. (, automatically collect and separate dry particles by size range using only ambient air and gravity. Allowing the material to be kept dry upstream and downstream, these air classifier systems eliminate the use of water and aggregate companies throughout North America are replacing wet processing with this environmentally responsible, dry processing approach that conserves upwards of millions of gallons of water daily. Settling ponds to manage wastewater and costly drying equipment for moisture removal upon delivery are also eliminated while production efficiency is streamlined, worker safety improved and consistent product quality assured.

Van Tongeren America LLC

Ideal for dry processing salt, potash, fertilizer, fly ash, alumina, manufactured sand, diatomaceous earth, and a diverse variety of minerals, aggregates and other materials in 24/7 operation, these novel classifiers are designed using three different methods of classification, all custom-engineered based on the application to meet specific production goals and end product specifications. Operating entirely without moving parts for low maintenance, the gravitational classifier separates fines less than 150 mesh to 150 µm from more coarse material, the gravitational-inertial classifier separates fines from 300 µm to 63 µm, and the centrifugal classifier separates fines from 100 µm to 15 µm. The classifiers may be used in series to split feed multiple products at different cut points and often include a cyclone or bag house dust collector to meet air pollution control requirements.

Van Tongeren America LLC
Van Tongeren America LLC

“Our classifier has performed exactly as promised, our operators are very pleased and support from Van Tongeren has been superb,” says Steve Demeyer, process management manager at Luck Stone, Manakin Sabot, Virginia. “I’d strongly encourage people involved in manufacturing sand to take a look at this technology.”

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    The original company was formed in 1971 as Van Tongeren (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Van Tongeren Holland to provide direct Van Tongeren technology to the United Kingdom.

    Van Tongeren first started in Holland in 1927 introducing a greatly improved type of cyclone far superior in efficiency to the generally available designs at that time. Over the years, Van Tongeren technology became acknowledged throughout the industrial world as a leading authority on cyclone design and many current designs are freely based on the original Van Tongeren concept.

    Due to changes in the structure of Bureau Van Tongeren in Holland in the early 1970’s Van Tongeren (UK) Limited became deeply involved in the international market worldwide and was responsible for the further development and exploitation of Van Tongeren technology including the updating of original data. In 1983 the name of Van Tongeren (UK) Limited was changed to Van Tongeren International Limited to acknowledge the truly international trading of the British company.

    Further changes in the Bureau Van Tongeren organization at the end of 1986 resulted in the acquisition of 75 percent of the shareholding by British shareholders and directors early in 1987 and the following year 1988 the remainder of the shares were acquired by the British shareholders.

    Since 1988 Van Tongeren International has been a wholly owned British company and a natural successor to the original Bureau Van Tongeren maintaining and developing cyclone technology and the application of cyclones in industry to very high standards required for current processes.

    More recently (April 2016), Van Tongeren International Limited purchased NextGen Cyclones LLC to form +Van Tongeren America LLC.  The new company will market, design and subcontract fabrication of FCC cyclones and classifiers to the USA and Canada. The Van Tongeren America company has a combined experience of over 100 years in FCC cyclone design and supply with one of Van Tongeren International’s former licensees. Their experience encompasses all major licensors and oil companies in both the US and abroad.  The classifier, industrial cyclone, and bag filter product lines will be available worldwide through the Van Tongeren