SRMG to Reclaim Fly Ash at Colorado Generating Station

SOURCE: SRMG | August 15, 2020

Salt River Materials Group (SRMG) is to remove or ‘harvest’ fly ash from an onsite landfill at the Colorado Generating Station owned by Salt River Project (SRP).

SRMG, a supplier of portland and masonry cements, will invest additional capital dollars in beneficiation equipment to process the previously landfilled ash, resulting in a long term supply of ASTM C618 Class F fly ash. The harvesting project will permanently and significantly reduce the size of the current landfill, SRMG says.

According to SRMG, the project will add 300,000 tonnes per year to the SRMG fly ash supply network and close the gap on seasonal fly ash shortages in the marketplace. It will also provide jobs for residents that will benefit the local community, the company adds.

The initiative is also expected to strengthen SRMG’s reputation as a major fly ash marketer in the Southwestern US.

SRP is a community-based power utility and provider of electricity in the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

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