MSHA: Mine Examiner Found Dead Near Bottom of Intake Slope

SOURCE: MSHA | February 29, 2020

The Mine Safety and Health Administration(MSHA) has issued a fatality alert after a mine examiner was found unresponsive near the bottom of a mine intake slope.

MSHA says evidence indicates that the personal carrier struck the left rib while travelling down the slope.

Best Practices:

1. Maintain control and stay alert. Be aware and stay in control when operating mobile equipment. Install mechanical devices that limit the maximum speed of the equipment.
2. Operate mobile equipment safely. Operate equipment at speeds that are consistent with the type of equipment, roadway conditions, grades, clearances, and visibility.
3. Test brakes, steering, and other safety devices. Correct safety defects before operating mobile equipment. Test mobile equipment before it is operated and before going up or down steep slopes.
4. Always wear seat belts.
5. Properly train miners. Ensure each operator of mobile equipment receives proper task training.
6. Remove unneeded materials. Keep personnel carriers free of unneeded materials.