Rock Splitting Mortar from Daigh Company

When a job has “no blasting” specifications, the non-explosive demolition agent Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar can be used to break concrete or rock quickly and quietly.

Rock Splitting Mortar is what the Daigh Company is all about. When your job specs call for the demolition of rock or concrete by non-explosive means they are the pros.

Rock Splitting Mortar
Rock Splitting Mortar
  • Boulders or reinforced concrete can be easily split and fractured, speeding its removal.
  • Dā-mite’s flexibility allows drilled hole diameters from 1” up to 2 ¾”, which can cut drilling & excavation costs.
  • Rock that is in a compressive condition in a pit or trench can be fractured and excavated.
  • Eliminate: vibration from blasting, fly rock, permitting, seismic and explosives monitoring.
  • Minimize vibration from large breakers.

The Daigh Company sells Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar. They can provide assistance in its use and consulting to optimize its performance on the job.

How does it work? It starts with the typical demolition process of drilling holes in the rock or concrete. From there Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar is mixed with a fixed quantity of water and poured into the appropriately drilled holes. Da-mite will set and eventually expand with enough force to overcome the tensile strength of the rock or concrete.

Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar:
  • Is versatile, it can be used in hole diameters from 1″ to 2 3/4″ which can be keyed to jobsite conditions, depending on the drilling equipment available and the method of excavation.
  • Makes mass rock and concrete removal an easier task.
  • Substantially reduces removal time, saving time and money.
  • The Fracturing created by Dā-mite® increases productivity of equipment.
  • Works in underwater situations.
  • Can be used in deep holes when appropriate.

The Daigh Company can assist in providing or locating drilling services when needed.

To learn more about Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar go to the CONTACT tab or WEBSITE link below to reach Daigh Company directly.

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Daigh personnel have been in the drilling and demolition industry since 1961 and have been involved with Rock Splitting Mortar since their introduction into the United States market in 1978.

The Daigh Company’s offering:

  • Drill hole pattern  
  • Consulting and training 
  • Assist in locating drilling services

Daigh’s technical staff boasts years of experience with drilling equipment and Rock Splitting Mortar, offering you the best possible solution in any application. We offer specialized drilling equipment which ensures that holes are placed in the best possible manner. Only Daigh gives you the flexibility you need during high profile jobs and adapts easily to unknown or changing conditions.

Daigh insures that your project will be handled professionally with the best personnel and equipment available. We offer everything from Dā-mite® product sales to complete turnkey removal.

Some major projects include:
Airport Construction
Boulders and Mass Rock Formations
Chemical Plants
Hydroelectric Plants
Machinery Foundations
Road Construction
Scaling of High Walls
Trench Rock