Infrastructure Remains Pressing Issue for U.S. Mayors

SOURCE: NSSGA | June 16, 2019

As reported by Transport Topics, The National League of Cities released their annual report, the “State of the Cities,” that analyzed 153 speeches by mayors between January and April 2019. Of those speeches, 57 percent focused significantly on concerns related to infrastructure funding, as well as projects having to do with access roads, local streets, traffic signs, transit and waste collection.

One of Congress’s core responsibilities is road construction. 

“Our nation’s infrastructure should not be the sole responsibility of local municipalities and mayors. Congress should, and must, act on continuing to provide robust federal funding to refurbish aging roads and bridges and help facilitate the planning and implantation of new infrastructure projects,” said Nile Elam, NSSGA director of government and regulatory affairs. “That is why NSSGA continues to advocate for raising the federal user fee on gasoline and other revenue options. It’s vital to maintaining a financially secure Highway Trust Fund and ensure Congress is doing their part to provide much-needed federal funds for local mayors and governments as they address their infrastructure needs.”

According to the report, infrastructure, has been the second most important issue facing mayors today for two years in a row.

Mayors have made a concerted effort to focus on delivering traffic reducing and pedestrian boosting solutions. Through technological advances, mayors have more data and information to make transit safe and accessible for vehicles and pedestrians. When talking about infrastructure, mayors specifically focused on topics that include, Roads, Streets and Signs Water, Sewer and Waste Infrastructure, Pedestrian Infrastructure, Infrastructure Funding and Public Transit.

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