KREBS® CycloStack™ and CycloWash™ Cyclones for Aggregates

Our Krebs CycloStack™ attachment is designed for use in solids dewatering applications, and can be attached to the bottom of a standard Krebs Cyclone to minimize the moisture content in the cyclone underflow. The attachment provides a low-cost way of automatically controlling the dewatering and discharge concentration of the cyclone underflow, allowing direct discharge of the underflow onto a conveyor belt or in a pile. This occurs even with fluctuating feed conditions.

Cyclostack™ Design & Performance
The CycloStack consists of a urethane flap which opens when solids are present and allows the solids to discharge while retaining water in the cyclone. With the help of the vacuum which is caused by the siphon created in the overflow pipe, the CycloStack closes if there are no solids present.

Krebs cyclones with the CycloStack attachment can be used alone, on a manifold with multiple cyclones or in combination with:

• Screens and Sand Screw Classifiers
• Hydrosizers
• Gravity Settlers


Patented Elutriation Device
The Krebs CycloWash is a patented elutriation device which markedly improves the desliming performance of the Krebs Cyclone and reduces operating costs.

Principle of Operation
Normal classification takes place in the upper portion of the cyclone providing a first stage of desliming. The CycloWash is positioned so that the injection water supplants the fines laden water in the partially thickened underflow pulp. The result is essentially a second stage of classification taking place with the displaced water with fines joining the normal cyclone overflow. The coarse solids are thickened and discharge through the apex orifice as a thoroughly deslimed underflow.


Our CyloWash™ device can be installed on single cyclones, or manifold systems.

Can be used in combination with our CycloStack™ to provide both maximal desliming and dewatering of cyclone underflow product.

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