Recessed Plate Filter Press from McLanahan

McLanahan Corporation recently unveiled their newest, in-house equipment design. The Recessed Plate Filter Press is designed and manufactured at McLanahan’s facility in Hollidaysburg, Pa. Currently, McLanahan is the only U.S.-based aggregate equipment company that manufactures and services Recessed Plate Filter Presses in the industry.


McLanahan CorporationThe cakes can be transported via truck or conveyor belt
McLanahan CorporationRecessed Plate Filter Press

The Recessed Plate Filter Press treats the underflow of a Thickener, Clarifier or other waste during the dewatering processes.  They’ve been widely accepted and used in Europe for years and with the introduction of the McLanahan models, these units are gaining wide-spread recognition in the Americas.

The units typically require no added polymers or chemicals after the Thickener, and no full-time operator is needed.  The automated units can be monitored remotely from any computer.  Some important features of this model’s design include:

  • Pull-to-close design with no dynamic load transfer
  • Loads are distributed evenly for tight seal
  • Four pistons attached to FEA-designed plates
  • Rapid opening increases production
  • Space between the plates allows easy access and better cake discharge

McLanahan’s newer recessed chamber design has far higher pressure capabilities, with up to 232 psi on the standard unit.  McLanahan can accommodate even higher pressure demands of up to 870 psi.

Recessed Plate Filter Presses are designed to dewater very fine solids (often -325 mesh) from wash water or industrial process.  The slurry is pressure pumped into recessed chambers wrapped in filter cloth.  The resulting solids form dry, easy-to-handle cakes that are discharged from the bottom of the press.  The cakes can be transported via truck or conveyor belt, and the water is recycled back to the process for re-use.

For more demanding applications, McLanahan can also supply a Membrane Recessed Plate Filter Press for use when the materials are compressible or require a cake wash or blow function.  In this unit, a membrane is added to one or both sides of each chamber.  Once filled, the cakes are squeezed to maintain their integrity during a wash and/or blow cycle.

McLanahan Filter Presses are made in the U.S. using a robust overhead beam design and Allen Bradley controls.

To learn more about the Recessed Plate Filter Press, go to the CONTACT tab or WEBSITE link below to reach McLanahan directly.

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McLanahan Corporation, headquartered in Hollidaysburg, PA, remains a world leader in the development and manufacture of aggregate process equipment and systems. Founder, James Craig McLanahan, established a focus on inventing, designing, improving and building the most efficient and rugged equipment for the most demanding industries. Today, 175 years since its founding, our reputation for these same qualities spans the globe. Now in its 6th generation of family ownership and a restructured organization, McLanahan is ready for the next century of business.

McLanahan Corporation’s Aggregate Division offers a wide range of aggregate processing equipment for sand processing, scrubbing, classifying, crushing, fines recovery and water management. They specialize in process solutions for construction aggregates such as limestone granite, sand, gravel and other similar minerals.