Flygt Bibo Alpha – Xylem Innovates the First Submersible Dewatering Pump that Adjusts Flow & Head to Meet Demand

In any mining application, dewatering is a vital process that ensures resources can be mined efficiently and effectively. The Flygt Bibo Alpha is a first-of-its-kind submersible dewatering pump that continuously adapts to flow and head fluctuations due to its integrated intelligence. This flexibility optimizes efficiency and reduces the total cost of pumping water, including repair expenses and energy usage.

Xylem Flygt Bibo AlphaNew Boliden, a leading mine company that extracts zinc, copper, lead, gold, silver and tellurium, wanted to improve its overall mine productivity as they set out to create a fully autonomous mine. They partnered with Xylem to test the Bibo Alpha as a solution that would complement its wider automation program at its Renström mine site.

Xylem Flygt Bibo AlphaAfter three years of running the Bibo Alpha in the field, Renström realized product repair cost savings of approximately 40% – solidifying the Flygt solution as part of New Boliden’s ongoing smart dewatering strategy.

Xylem Flygt Bibo Alpha

“The installation of the first Flygt Bibo Alpha pumps at Renström brought a significant change to the way we approach traditional dewatering practices due to the pump’s ability to utilize intelligence beyond standard solutions. For the first time, we had access to a pumping system that could automatically adapt to its environment, working only to accommodate real-time conditions in the field. This was a game-changer for us as it optimized pumping performance without the need for hands on intervention, allowing our mining processes to continue without interruption.” – Mats Isaksson Senior Development Engineer, New Boliden

The Flygt Bibo Alpha is extremely robust, compact and stable with quick and easy to set-up, making it a true plug-and-play pump. Because it adjusts to a flow and head performance field versus a static curve, it works in any mining or construction application to effectively lower pumping system costs and extending equipment life.

Xylem is the global leader in total mine water management services offering: unparalleled expertise built on 170+ years of excellence and innovation; the largest portfolio of pumping, treatment, inspection and analytics solutions available for purchase or rent; advanced digital technologies that drive efficiencies, optimize performance and extend equipment life; responsive customer support with the industry’s only 24/7/365 nationwide service network specializing in water management; and resilience solutions, including emergency response services and data-driven strategic planning. Xylem mining solutions provides the support you need to get the job done right – from system design and startup, to maintenance and repairs.

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