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There are many ways to produce sand, and often the difficult decision can be figuring out which one is best for your processing needs. McLanahan Corporation offers one of the largest selections of solutions in the industry. When working with McLanahan, you will have a team working to create a custom engineered processing solution just for you. A full range of products are available.

McLanahan Corporation Dewatering Screens
Dewatering screens offer multiple advantages to producers looking to process fines. Offering a drier, drip-free product that other equipment cannot provide, they feature heavy-duty screen media, manufactured in-house at McLanahan’s polymer facility, for the high capacity applications that are demanded by today’s market.McLanahan’s design has one of the highest capacities in the industry, processing up to 400 STPH on a single machine and features heavy side plates and stress relieved bridges and cross-beams. This rugged, easily-maintained design is key to superior long-term performance and flexibility. There are many applications for dewatering screens in the aggregate market, but they most often are used in conjunction with sand classifying tanks, fine material screw washers, or separators and cyclones.

Fine Material Screw Washers
Fine material screw washers remove slimes, silts and clays by allowing material to roll and tumble upon itself, causing material on material attrition. Waste particles are absorbed into the water and discharged over the weirs. As the same material moves up the inclined box of the screw washer, free water is allowed to drain away from the material. Additionally, controlling the height of the weir provides maximum retention of the desired product, while undesirable fines float over the weirs. These various actions allow for washing, dewatering and classifying from one piece of equipment.

The selection of a fine material screw washer is based upon the type of material, feed gradation, desired product specifications, capacity required and water volume, if in a slurry feed. Fine material screw washers are primarily used when working with minus 3/8” sand or fine materials, and they can accept feed slurry from sand classifying tanks, hydrocyclones, hydrosizers and other fine material screw washers. This piece is especially useful if an application requires more retention time to hydrate materials.

McLanahan Corporation Hydrocyclones and Separators™
Hydrocyclones, or cyclones, are used in a variety of applications including classification, desliming, fines recovery and dewatering. The McLanahan Separator™, a derivative of the hydrocyclone, answered many of the problems specifically related to processing sand and fines with a traditional cyclone. They have many functions including primary sand production, fines scavenger systems, fines recovery, dewatering and desliming.A customizable Separator™ System combines the McLanahan Separator™ with the company’s rubber-lined slurry pump to provide a trouble-free, low maintenance operation. The system is able to recovery +200/325 mesh (74/45 micron) material from waste streams. Recovered material can be selectively blended back into screws, road based mix or stockpiled as a stand-alone product.

Hydrosizers™, also known as density separators, provide extremely sharp classification of between 140 mesh and 30 mesh. Based on the principle of hindered settling, this equipment can achieve size separation as efficiently as fine wet screening machines, but often at a fraction of the cost. Hydrosizers™ are a key piece of equipment in McLanahan’s Frac Sand plants, but can also be used in producing construction, industrial and sport sands.

McLanahan Corporation Recessed Plate Filter Presses
Designed to dewater very fine solids, often -325 mesh, from wash water or industrial processes, recessed plate filter presses treat the underflow of a thickener, clarifier or other waste and dewatering processes. Offering many advantages over traditional plate and frame designs, McLanahan’s press has far higher pressure capabilities, with up to 232 psi on the standard unit. Also, the design typically requires no added polymer or chemicals after the thickener and no full-time operator is needed.The recessed plate filter press works by having slurry pressure pumped into recessed chambers wrapped in filter cloth. Resulting solids then form dry, easy-to-handle cakes, which are discharged from the bottom of the press. McLanahan’s recessed plate filter presses are available with overhead or side beam configurations and can also be designed with membrane filter plates.
McLanahan Corporation Sand Manager® Classifying Tanks
Sand Manager® Classifying Tanks provide a simple way of removing excess water and slimes or undesirable grain sizes from natural or crushed sand feeds. Meant to be used with either a fine material screw washer or dewatering screen, they typically are used to classify material by removing an excess of certain intermediate mesh sizes – usually 30 x 50 Mesh – to retain finer mesh sizes and/or make multiple products from a single feed material. By separating sand fractions and reblending them, the Sand Manager® Classifying Tank allows producers to make multiple products simultaneously from the same feed.

Complete Plants
In addition to producing a variety of individual equipment pieces, McLanahan Corporation is also capable of producing complete sand processing plants. Not only do they offer plants such as the Ultra Sand Plant, Recipe Sand Plant and In-Line Blending Sand Plant, but they are also capable of offering custom designed plants for each customer’s individual need.

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    McLanahan Corporation, headquartered in Hollidaysburg, PA, remains a world leader in the development and manufacture of aggregate process equipment and systems. Founder, James Craig McLanahan, established a focus on inventing, designing, improving and building the most efficient and rugged equipment for the most demanding industries. Today, 175 years since its founding, our reputation for these same qualities spans the globe. Now in its 6th generation of family ownership and a restructured organization, McLanahan is ready for the next century of business.

    McLanahan Corporation’s Aggregate Division offers a wide range of aggregate processing equipment for sand processing, scrubbing, classifying, crushing, fines recovery and water management. They specialize in process solutions for construction aggregates such as limestone granite, sand, gravel and other similar minerals.