Dewatering Screens from McLanahan

Dewatering Screens were introduced to the North American market by McLanahan personnel in the late 1970s. They quickly became a standard in the aggregate industry for dewatering, desliming, degritting, rinsing, scrubbing and washing.

This equipment offers construction and specialty aggregate producers the advantage of having a drier, drip-free product than what is provided by other types of equipment. McLanahan’s design has one of the highest capacities in the industry, processing up to 400 STPH on a single machine.

McLanahan Corporation
McLanahan Corporation

How It Works

Removing “free” water from a product can typically be an easy process, but high acceleration (typically 5g) is needed for the removal of capillary water. This is most effective with a relatively low frequency, high amplitude motion. McLanahan Dewatering Screens operate at -10mm amplitude.

To dewater the product, slurry feeds onto a steeply inclined screen surface to achieve rapid drainage. A pool of water then forms in the valley as sand builds up on the inclined surface. Counter rotating motors then create a linear motion that forces solids uphill, while water drains through the screen media. The uphill slope of the screen, along with a discharge weir, creates a deep bed that acts as a filter medium and allows the retention of material much finer than the screen openings.

McLanahan Design

McLanahan Dewatering Screens feature heavy side plates, stress relieved bridges and cross beams. The cross beams are Huck-fastened together, not welded, so that individual components can be replaced. Heavy-duty screen media is utilized for all applications and is manufactured in-house by McLanahan’s Polymers Division. Screens are also suspended on rubber buffers, rather than springs, for improved wet performance.


This easily-maintained and rugged design, along with the versatility of media combinations, is key to the superior long-term performance and flexibility that McLanahan offers. It can be used for a variety of applications including Cylcone/Separator underflow, Hydrosizer™ underflow, fines recovery, screw discharge, coal spiral products, underground mine clean-up, floatation tailings and more.

McLanahan Corporation
McLanahan Corporation


A McLanahan designed Dewatering Screen offers many advantages, including:

  • High capacities per foot width
  • Consistent, drip-free product
  • Fluctuations in feed solids
  • Reduces water losses to products
  • Better stockpile management
  • Quit and low power consumption
  • Driven by vibratory motors
  • Low maintenance

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    McLanahan Corporation, headquartered in Hollidaysburg, PA, remains a world leader in the development and manufacture of aggregate process equipment and systems. Founder, James Craig McLanahan, established a focus on inventing, designing, improving and building the most efficient and rugged equipment for the most demanding industries. Today, 175 years since its founding, our reputation for these same qualities spans the globe. Now in its 6th generation of family ownership and a restructured organization, McLanahan is ready for the next century of business.

    McLanahan Corporation’s Aggregate Division offers a wide range of aggregate processing equipment for sand processing, scrubbing, classifying, crushing, fines recovery and water management. They specialize in process solutions for construction aggregates such as limestone granite, sand, gravel and other similar minerals.