McLanahan UltraWASH Plants

With a long history of designing, manufacturing and installing modular wash equipment, McLanahan’s line of UltraWASH modular wash plants are the latest line from the company. Engineered to include all McLanahan equipment that helps producers meet their process requirements, the UltraWASH provides the reliability, simplicity and efficiency that producers need from a modular plant.

McLanahan UltraWASH Plant

All equipment that is part of the UltraWASH plants, including the vibratory screen, hydrocyclones, dewatering screen, sump and pump, is based on the company’s well-known, field-proven designs. UltraWASH plants provide a quick, easy-to-install processing system. These modular wash systems are ideal for producers facing criteria such as planning permits, multiple locations, short-term deployment, or an unknown/variable feed stock (e.g. C&D waste streams applications) that make implementing a customized, fixed processing solution difficult.

Currently available in six sizes and configurations, the UltraWASH can produce up to three aggregate products and up to two sand products. There is a single process water feed point, as well as a single effluent discharge point.

McLanahan UltraWASH Plant

We currently offer several additional configurations and add-ons to the UltraWASH, including:

  • Single or dual sand product
  • Feed preparation (log washer, blade mill, coarse material screw)
  • Attritioning module for specialty sand production
  • Organics removal module
  • Water treatment with high density or paste style thickener
  • Filter press for complete wastewater treatment
McLanahan UltraWASH Plant
McLanahan UltraWASH Plant

Ease of maintenance
McLanahan knows the importance of uptime, so the UltraWASH is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Our pump trolley service platform allows the pumps to slide out from underneath the chassis for greater access when performing maintenance activities, such as changing the impellers or replacing casing liners. A foot pedal for lifting the discharge pipe from the pump and a locking mechanism for then holding the pipe aloft offer the clearance needed for the pumps to roll out on the trolley service platform unrestricted.

We also offer a retractable feed conveyor to allow easier access to the feedbox when it comes time for servicing. Rather than lifting personnel to the height of the feedbox to perform maintenance, we bring the feedbox to them. With the push of a button, the conveyor will retract and the feedbox will be brought closer to ground level, making it both easier and safer for your personnel to maintain. An upgrade to a track-mounted feed conveyor is also possible thanks to our partnership with Anaconda equipment.

Another maintenance feature we’ve included in our UltraWASH Modular Wash Plants allows easier access to the aggregate hood. Simply remove the section of grating from the walkway behind the aggregate hood, slide the aggregate hood back and reattach the grating in front of it. This creates a platform for accessing inside the aggregate hood when needed.

Quick setup
Because our modules arrive in individualized containers, they are quick to set up and easy to move around for different configurations. This also makes them easy to transport to other sites. Assembling each module is simple and takes less than a day to get the whole plant up and running.

McLanahan has carefully thought of all the details and features that will make maintenance and efficiency easier – including two truly unique, patent pending features. The patent pending Eze-Riser allows the operator to cut pump maintenance time in half, and the Fines Forward Slide (patent pending) and Aggregate Discharge Hood are included to increase your efficiency.

The Eze-Riser works together with the pump service trolley to enable safe and efficient pump maintenance, such as changing the impellers or replacing the casing liners. A foot pedal lifts the discharge pipe from the pump and utilizes a locking mechanism to then holding the pipe aloft, offering the clearance needed for the pump to roll out on the trolley service platform unrestricted. Sufficient flexibility is provided by the hydrocyclone entry hose bend above to accommodate these few millimeters of pipe travel, making it unnecessary to disturb pipework other than where it connects directly to the pump at its suction and discharge flanges.

Fines Forward Slide
The manually adjustable Fines Forward Slide (patent pending) can divert a portion of raw fines into the coarse sand processing stream. This balances the downstream process to optimize plant capacity. Alternatively, by substituting the last row of fine material screen panels with coarse material screen panels, the Fines Forward Slide will allow alterations of the proportions of fine and coarse decking areas above, while still preventing the loss of coarse material into the fines processing stream. Two men (one each side of the sizing screen) are all that is required to simply reposition the Fines Forward Slide eliminating the use of cranes or other lifting equipment.

Aggregate Discharge / Remixing Hood
Washed aggregate is discharged from the end of the sizing screen in up to three discrete size fractions for separate stockpiling. However, any two adjacent – or indeed all three – aggregate product sizes may be recombined (either for consolidated stockpiling or onward processing as required) simply by one man’s manual operation of the aggregate discharge/remixing hood’s rubber-lined diversion traps.

Sump Conversion
McLanahan’s UltraWASH is also the only modular wash plant in the market to offer a sump conversion kit. With a sump conversion kit, you can quickly and safely change between a one-or-two-pump setup. The sand process can also be altered to process a single wash, a double wash or a two product sand. So even if your process requirements change throughout your operating lifetime, you can modify the plant to suit to get the outcome that you need.

Modular Plant For All Your Needs

McLanahan UltraWASH Plant

UltraSAND Modular Sand Plants
With the greater separation efficiency of Hydrocyclones/Separators™, the UltraSAND is proven to provide a higher product yield compared to stand alone processing equipment. Producers can achieve a much lower moisture content from the Dewatering Screen, depending on the characteristics of the sand.

UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Plants
Capable of removing water soluble materials from the toughest of clays, McLanahan UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems provide a flexible washing option for aggregate feeds. Arriving on-site in containerized modules, producers will benefit from the shorter lead times, quick set-up and ease of transportation offered by the UltraSCRUB.

UltraFINES Modular Fines Recovery Plants
UltraFINES Modular Fines Recovery Plants are a combination of a Sump, Pump, Hydrocyclones and a Dewatering Screen in a module that is specifically designed to recover fine solids from a wash plant effluent stream. The recovered material is conveyable and stackable, and is suitable for multiple industries, including sand, iron ore, coal recovery, ash, industrial sands, frac sand and more. UltraFINES modular plants recover fine solids to produce a standalone product and reduce the amount of solids reporting to the settling pond or downstream equipment.

UltraDRY Modular Dewatering Screens
The UltraDRY Modular Dewatering Screen has a quick set-up that can be easily added onto any new or exisiting equipment. The slow travel speeds of material through the Dewatering Screen allow for longer sand retention, which generate better drying time for a consistently dry product.
McLanahan’s Dewatering Screens use the highest G force on the market, which enables them to handle the largest loads. An optional pump add-on can provide ideal water placement for a cleaner product, while limiting water usage.

EcoPRESS Modular Filter Press Plants
EcoPRESS Modular Filter Press Plants provide the ability to optimize tailings management with the recovery of clean, reusable water. The EcoPRESS can address many typical issues associated with fine material processing, including full slurry ponds/tailings dams, high material handling equipment repair costs, limited expansion capabilities, environmental permit restrictions, high waste material handling costs and limited water availability.

EcoCYCLE Modular Elevated Thickener Plants
EcoCYCLE Modular Elevated Thickener Plants provide a compact and modular solution for water recycling and sludge handling. EcoCYCLE plants come complete with motor, pump, floc dosing station, control panel and control cabin

Helping Customers Across The Globe
James Nolan, who owns Tri-Parish Sand and Gravel with his wife, Gail, has always been concerned about the cleanliness of the products they use in their ready mix facility. They strive to deliver quality products on the concrete side of their business, which starts with the material used to make those products. Tri-Parish Sand and Gravel is a dry mining operation located in Louisiana, USA. They produce C-33 concrete sand, pea gravel and #57 concrete gravel for use in their ready mix operation, Parish Ready Mix.

To better control the quality of their concrete products as well as lower their production costs so they could pass those savings onto their customers, the Nolans purchased land for dry mining their own sand and gravel. They looked at a few wash plants in different parts of the country for processing the feed and separating it into the various products needed at their ready mix facility.

In 2020, Tri-Parish purchased the McLanahan UltraWASH 6206 Modular Wash Plant that debuted at CONEXPO/CON-AGG in Las Vegas. Availability was a key factor in the purchasing decision. Tri-Parish needed a wash plant quickly, and the McLanahan UltraWASH offered an entire wet processing plant in one compact, modular unit that was ready to run.

“We bought the plant, and we’re very, very pleased with it,” James Nolan said. “It definitely does way more than they said it would do.”

While there are a number of modular plant solutions available in the market, McLanahan is one of the only companies offering both custom and modular washing solutions. This, combined with years of processing design knowledge, provides unmatched industry expertise in providing the correct solution for your application.

McLanahan Corporation was founded in 1835 in Hollidaysburg, Pa., USA. Today, the company is in its fifth and sixth generations of family ownership with offices that provide local service and support in Asia, Australia and Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America.

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    McLanahan Corporation, headquartered in Hollidaysburg, PA, remains a world leader in the development and manufacture of aggregate process equipment and systems. Founder, James Craig McLanahan, established a focus on inventing, designing, improving and building the most efficient and rugged equipment for the most demanding industries. Today, 175 years since its founding, our reputation for these same qualities spans the globe. Now in its 6th generation of family ownership and a restructured organization, McLanahan is ready for the next century of business.

    McLanahan Corporation’s Aggregate Division offers a wide range of aggregate processing equipment for sand processing, scrubbing, classifying, crushing, fines recovery and water management. They specialize in process solutions for construction aggregates such as limestone granite, sand, gravel and other similar minerals.