Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys

Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys Provide No Cost Separation
Dings Magnetic Head PulleysDings Co. Magnetic Group’s Magnetic Head Pulley offers continuous separation that’s easily installed on your existing line.
Available in three different field strength series.
Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys are non-electric, self-cleaning magnetic separators. They operate as head pulleys on conveyors to separate tramp iron and iron impurities from materials conveyed in bulk form. They are designed for machinery protection and product purification. Our magnetic head pulley’s magnetism is produced by an internal ceramic VIII magnet assembly that is enclosed with a nonmagnetic stainless steel shell. Magnetic Head Pulleys come shipped ready to install!
Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys
Magnetic Head Pulley Material Trajectory Dings Magnetic Head PulleysDings DFC Design improves the overall performance of the magnet in 3 ways.

  • The magnetic field is stronger
  • The magnetic field extends deeper
  • The magnetic field pattern is more uniform


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    Since 1899 Dings Company Magnetic Group has been providing metal separation solutions to companies around the world. The company manufactures a complete line of electro and permanent overhead magnets to be positioned cross belt or in line and magnetic head pulleys for mining and aggregate applications. Dings electro magnets, self cleaning and stationary carry an industry best 20 year coil warranty.