Dings Over Head Self-Cleaning Electromagnets

Dings Over Head Self-Cleaning Electromagnets: Automatic and Continuous Discharge of Tramp Metal Saving Time and Labor Costs.

Dings Overhead Self-Cleaning Electromagnets have penetrating, deep magnetic fields that remove metal contaminants before they can cause damage to your conveyor belts, crushers, screens, and other processing equipment. Our electromagnets are engineered for optimum performance, reliability and durability– ensuring reduction in production downtime and in repair costs and maintenance. We custom build our magnetic separators to meet your specific needs.

Dings’ Standard Self-Cleaning Model: The belt continuously travels across the face of the magnet to automatically discharge tramp iron. It comes equipped with a multi-ply rubber belt with 1 inch hot vulcanized cleats.

Dings Self-Cleaning ElectromagnetsThe Severe Duty Model is specifically designed for tough applications. It is built to withstand the harshest environments and comes equipped with Dings ‘Durabelt’ stainless steel pads and cleats to protect the rubber self-cleaning belt, a heavy-duty drive assembly, lagging on the drive pulley and reinforced suspension/mounting hardware.

What makes Dings co. Electromagnets better than the rest? It’s our unique coil design and Industry Best 20-Year Warranty on Coil Burnout.

Dings Stationary Electromagnets
  • No insulation is needed with anodized aluminum straps–eliminating the major cause of coil failure (insulation breakdown)
  • More magnetism and separating power – generated by extra turns
  • Each turn is exposed to oil-cooling – assuring a stronger, more efficient magnet
  • Eliminates the need for external oil expansion pipes or tanks that require maintenance and can be damaged.


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    Since 1899 Dings Company Magnetic Group has been providing metal separation solutions to companies around the world. The company manufactures a complete line of electro and permanent overhead magnets to be positioned cross belt or in line and magnetic head pulleys for mining and aggregate applications. Dings electro magnets, self cleaning and stationary carry an industry best 20 year coil warranty.