Industrial Magnetics Specializes in Suspended Electromagnetic Separators

Industrial Magnetics specializes in Suspended Electromagnetic Separators used in the mining industry to remove tramp metal. Tramp metal includes ferrous tools, ceiling bolts, and any other type of unwanted ferrous material from the stream to protect the crusher and ensure longevity of the belts. This particular magnet in the photo is a manual clean Electro Separator, however, Self-Cleaning versions are available with cladded belts to protect the rubber belt. Removing unwanted metal saves companies down-time and equipment damage.

Industrial Magnetics Electromagnetic Separators

Walker Magnetics, a brand of IMI, is in the Guinness Book of World records for the world’s largest Suspended Electromagnet weighing in at 177,000 pounds in 2001 and it is still in service 25 years later (similar magnet in this photo).

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    Since 1961, Industrial Magnetics, Inc., has been an industry leader providing best-in-class customer service, on-time delivery, and innovative permanent and electromagnetic solutions to meet the exact needs of any application.