Metal Separation Magnets by Industrial Magnetics

Improve speed and accuracy with advanced permanent and electromagnets, rather than relying on manual labor for separation of materials. Our powerful aggregate and mining magnets are built for maximum attraction during high-volume production, with self-cleaning technology available on most models. Our industrial metal separation magnets are suitable for permanent mining installations or use with mobile crushing assemblies. Depending on the facility, mining operations may benefit from any, or all, of our magnetized systems.

Suspended Magnetic Separators

Suspended magnets offer heavy-duty magnetism hung directly over the flow of materials. Ferrous metals attach to the face of the magnet while non-magnetic materials proceed along the vibratory feeder, conveyor belt, or gravity chute. Suspended magnetic separators by Industrial Magnetics are available in self-cleaning and manual-cleaning models.

Industrial Magnetics
Industrial Magnetics

Magnetic Drum Separators
Material feeds into magnetic drum separators typically via conveyor belt or vibrating gravity chute. The drum rotates, using gravity and magnetic pull to separate ferrous metals from aggregate materials. Inertia and downward pull direct non-magnetic material through the drum and on to the next stage of operation. Magnetic materials are drawn to the end of the drum casing and dropped at the edge for controlled collection.

Industrial Magnetics Separation Magnets

Magnetic Pulleys
Magnetic pulleys remove tramp iron and loose ferrous metals from conveyors before screening and crushing. A pulley magnet is installed as part of the conveyor system, replacing a conventional pulley in the process. The magnet attracts tramp metals, pulling them underneath the conveyor for collection. The uncollected materials continue down the line, unaffected by the magnet.

Industrial Magnetics

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