VEGA Americas: The VEGADIF 85, a Universal Differential Pressure Transmitter

VEGADIF 85 – Double the pressure and twice the safety
Your processes are twice as safe with the VEGADIF 85, a universal differential pressure transmitter for measurement of liquids, gases, and vapors. This instrument comes standard with an additional absolute pressure sensor on the low pressure side, providing the option to measure differential and static pressure simultaneously with a single device. Having both available as digital or 4…20mA outputs provides more information for all applications.

The VEGADIF 85The VEGADIF 85 was designed with functional safety in mind. The electronics inside are intrinsically safe and flameproof. This instrument was developed according to IEC 61508 for SIL2 and can be homogeneously redundant for SIL3 applications. This new generation of differential pressure also offers an option for Bluetooth communication and display capabilities.

Faster, more accurate measurements for every application

The compact design of the VEGADIF 85 uses less oil behind the diaphragms, giving operators a faster reaction time and a measurement accuracy of 0.065% at full scale. The instrument can be configured to meet a number of application needs with multiple measuring ranges from 0.15 psi up to 240 psi. In addition to multiple pressure ranges, the unit can be assembled in different configurations to make mounting easy. Optional brackets and valve manifolds complete the package making it a compact and useful instrument in all differential pressure applications.

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