McLanahan’s MSP Cone Crusher

As McLanahan Corporation works to offer its customers a more complete line of processing solutions, the company is proud to add the MSP Cone Crusher to its product portfolio.

MSP Cone Crusher

The MSP, which stands for McLanahan Symons Principle, utilizes improved factors of performance to enhance the proven Symons Principle. This principle combined with technology factors such as a balanced eccentric, higher speeds, fulcrum point position and stroke, all allow the MSP Cone Crusher to outperform other cones on the market.

McLanahan Corporation
McLanahan Corporation

A balanced eccentric coupled with a fulcrum point ideally placed over the crushing chamber yields highly effective compression crushing, allowing higher eccentric speeds to maximize performance without disruptive forces. The eccentric stroke is designed to work with the speed and fulcrum position to produce higher product yield and minimize recirculating loads. The torque and resulting crushing forces are as effective as virtually any cone currently on the market.

By creating a more effective compression crushing, the MSP Cone Crusher also reduces liner wear, reducing wear costs, allowing higher product yield, and resulting in decreased overall cost per ton of finished product. A broad array of manganese liners is offered for each MSP model. A unique, patented feature allows the liners to fit without the use of backing material.

McLanahan Corporation

Several features and options of the MSP Cone Crusher help producers lower operating costs. The patented dust seal system is equipped with an auto-greaser and protects the crusher’s dust-sensitive parts, leading to longer service life, fewer spare parts changes and lower maintenance costs. All adjustments and operations are fully automated. An easy-to-operate control panel requires no more than one individual to operate, and a wireless remote control is offered, giving plant operators the convenience and freedom to make changes remotely.

All producers want minimal downtime for processing optimal amounts of material. The MSP delivers, ultimately leading to a faster return on investment. The hydraulic adjustment system aids not only in setting quick changes, but also in fast wear parts changes. The patented locking system allows you to change liners in less than two hours.

Finally, MSP Cone Crushers are built to make your operation run more smoothly and easily by being easy to operate and maintain. The simple and easy-to-read control panel provides you with the necessary information to properly run your crusher. For example, the MSP shows you the exact cone setting to allow the operator to stay on top of a critical set point.

To enhance your crusher’s life and maintain optimal crushing capacities, an automatic liner change reminder is part of the system. When the new mantle and liners are installed, the automated reminder is reset. As the crusher operates, the system will track production capacities and calculate the liner wear rate. When the cone liners reach the maximum wear point, it sends a flashing reminder to ‘change cone’ on the cone setting meter. After the wear parts are changed, simply reset the automated reminder system and continue efficient, reliable crushing.

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