Paradigm Software by Austin Powder Ensures Efficient Blasting

Austin Powder uses Paradigm, the next generation of blasting software, to meet customer requirements and improve blast efficiency and production. With these innovative tools and state-of-the-art software, they can provide complete blast analysis and optimization.

Austin Powder Paradigm Blasting SoftwareMP Footprint with timing contours


  • Fragmentation Modeling
  • PPV and PVS Reduction
  • Charging and Timing Analysis
  • Flryock Probability Modelling
  • Energy Distribution Mapping
  • 3D Blast Modeling
  • Muckpile Footprint Prediction
  • Overpressure Prediction
  • Volumetrics
Austin Powder Paradigm Blasting SoftwareFlyrock shroud on designed pit shell

Software Capabilities

  • Create a pattern and visualize it in 3D, plan, or section views
  • Show heatmap with spatial variability of any hole attribute, e.g. powder factor, charge weight, water depth, hole length, firing time, etc.
  • Present as-designed minimum burden heatmap
  • Update as-drilled diagrams using GPS or smart drill data
  • Update hole angles and directions using Boretrak or smart drill data
  • Confirm inter-pattern hole proximities
  • Recheck minimum burden after drilling with 3D color mapping
  • View flyrock risk profile with 3D terrain imaging
  • Identify directions of vibration enhancement and check for impacts in 360 degrees
  • Confirm overpressure compliance with no limit on the number of receivers
  • Confirm muckpile profile and check against the expected throw
  • Perform pre-blast initiation animation
  • Evaluate unlimited charging and timing scenarios to determine best options for vibration, overpressure, and fragmentation requirements
Austin Powder Paradigm Blasting SoftwareVolume measurement and surface heat

Aerial Photogrammetry
With teams of UAV operators all around the globe, Austin is at the forefront of aerial photogrammetry for a variety of blasting and mining applications.

  • 3D Blast Design Modeling
  • Face Profiling
  • Reserves / Inventory Analysis
  • Muckpile Profiling
  • Heave / Swell Quantification
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Blast Video Analysis

Electronic Blast Reporting

  • Leading Blast Documentation Platform in the Industry
  • Unparalleled Integrated Blasting Database
  • Customer-Accessible Blast Performance Monitor

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