Metso Launches New Crusher Wear Products Boosting Customers’ Crusher Economy

SOURCE: Metso | March 28, 2024

Metso continues to innovate crushing chamber solutions to improve aggregate customers’ crusher economy. At the AGG1 2024 event, the company introduces several new wear part products that are designed to improve uptime and crushing performance and make aggregate producers’ operations more sustainable and profitable.

“Almost every aggregates crushing application and their requirements are different,” says Joni Meronen, Vice President, Aggregates Crusher Wears at Metso. “Abrasiveness and hardness of the feed material varies a lot from soft rock to extremely hard rock. In addition, there are different aggregates operations from large industrial quarries to contractor crushing using mobile crushing plants. By selecting the best suited crusher wear parts for their requirements, aggregate producers can improve the crushing performance, reduce non-sellable material and improve energy efficiency.” He concludes: “Improvements in these areas are directly improving aggregate producers’ profitability. With our new offerings and new products, we want to deliver the best crusher economy for all aggregate producers.”

New wear life improving liners for the Nordberg® HP Series cone crushers

Metso LongLife crusher wears will last up to from 35% to 50% longer in all typical aggregates applications from fine crushing to railway ballast production. LongLife wears combine all Metso’s greatest concepts learned from +20 years of Chamber Optimization program as product offering for all HP cone crusher cavities. While not the only feature, the main feature is carefully considered thickness increase, still ensuring that they can be used flexibly across most applications. They reduce the need for liner change-outs significantly, therefore reducing costs, while also increasing both uptime and customer revenue, and improving safety.

Metso MX hybrid composite wear parts are now available for certain HP Series cone crusher models to minimize the cost per ton in the secondary crushing stage. Providing up to double the wear life,this flagship technology product is especially suited for hard and abrasive feed materials. As they require much less change-outs, the MX wears as well as Metso LongLife products are par of Metso’s Planet Positive portfolio.

Coarse Corrugated jaw dies with all-new XT715 alloy – Metso’s best jaw die profile for wear life and performance

Metso introduces the new Coarse Corrugated jaws forth Nordberg C Series jaw crushers, combining the best characteristics from Metso’s most-selling jaw dies.The  premium XT715 alloy is Metso’s first high-manganese alloy developed specifically for jaw crusher applications. Combining that with the redesigned jaw profile, the new Coarse Corrugated jaws provide up to 50% higher wear life, while also improving capacity and product shape especially with slippery feed material.

Expanding the application coverage of the Metso O-Series crusher wears

Metso complements the O-Series wear portfolio with new products. These new products are based on the new Metso XO alloy, and they are suitable for typical soft to medium abrasive aggregate applications.

Metso complements the O-Series wear portfolio with new “Endurance” line of products with clear targets for feed material characteristics and customer segments within aggregates crushing and screening landscape. Metso is typically seen as the hard rock expert, but new O-Series Endurance products have been tailor made for low to medium abrasiveness and hardness of rock with the help of +17,000 feed material samples made by Metso globally. More economical solution, but still an OEM-level fit and function.

Metso X-Series wear parts: preferred partner for mixed fleet operations

The new Metso X-Series crusher wear parts portfolio is for third-party crushers. These new products are based on new Metso XX alloy, and they are suitable for typical soft to abrasive aggregate applications. Many quarries operate different crusher brands, and by choosing the X-Series wears from Metso, customers will have all their crushing needs covered conveniently by a single, OEM quality level and reliable supplier with a global support network.

Metso’s crusher wears offering consists of three distinct series: Metso O-Series, Metso Expert Series and Metso Max Series, optimized for different types of crushing applications and customer needs. Each series is further categorized into lines; Standard line matching with industry standard liners, Endurance line with wear life extending features, and Performance line for high volume and high-value customer applications.

The new crusher wear products were featured in Metso’s booth #511 at the AGG1 international construction trade show taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 25-27, 2024.

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