Aggregates Sector Electric Vehicle ‘FIrst’ for Caterpillar

SOURCE: AGG-NET | January 18, 2024

Caterpillar have signed an electrification strategic agreement with CRH – the number one aggregates producer in North America – to advance the deployment of their zero-exhaust emissions solutions.

CRH are the first company in the aggregates industry to sign such an agreement with Caterpillar.

The agreement is focused on accelerating the deployment of Caterpillar’s 70–100-tonnne-class battery electric off-highway trucks and charging solutions at a CRH site in North America.

Through the agreement, CRH will participate in Caterpillar’s Early Learner programme for battery electric off-highway trucks, testing and validating the units in real-world applications.

‘We are pleased to work with CRH, as our first aggregates industry customer, to expand our electrification solutions beyond mining,’ said Caterpillar’s resource industries group president Denise Johnson. will also provide customer feedback to address safety, performance, operational, and compliance requirements for the aggregates industry.

‘When it comes to sustainability, the quarry and aggregates industry requires diverse solutions. Our collaboration with CRH is an exciting opportunity to learn together and gain valuable insights into how our products can best support CRH’s long-term objectives to decarbonize their operations.’

The collaboration supports CRH’s climate-related objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their operations by utilizing more sustainable equipment. CRH have set a target to deliver a 30% reduction in absolute carbon emissions by 2030 (from a 2021 base year) and an ambition to be a net-zero business by 2050.

Scott Parson, president of CRH Americas Materials Solutions, said: ‘At CRH, we recognize that collaboration and innovation are critical to delivering our industry-leading decarbonization targets and achieving our ambition of net-zero by 2050

‘Through this partnership with Caterpillar, we will advance the use of sustainable equipment in our operations and build on our shared commitment to a low-carbon future.

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