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ME FIT System is our integrated solutions program for large mining operations. It focuses on creating value for mining processes by quantifying the impact of their solutions while improving key productivity indicators in mineral extraction and processing. Our ME FIT program solutions are made possible through mutual collaboration between our clients and the ME Elecmetal multidisciplinary team. By having an in-depth understanding and knowledge of each site’s operational issues we are able to positively impact their priority key performance indicators: productivity, reliability, availability, safety, efficiency and / or energy consumption. We align with the priorities of our customers, positioning ME Elecmetal as a true strategic partner in mining.

Products and Services that Make a Difference

ME Elecmetal ME FIT Solutions

Mill Liners
Grinding mill liners are subjected to severe impact and high abrasion. They must be manufactured using the best technologies and designs for superior strength and durability. That is why we make sure we offer customers the best possible solutions for every challenge and mill type.

ME Elecmetal analyzes customer operations to determine the ideal combination of design and materials to achieve the optimal performance of their equipment. Whether it is an AG, SAG, ball, tower or rod mill, our innovative liner and alloy designs deliver proven performance, while minimizing costly reline and downtime. We collaborate closely with operators and plant maintenance crews to monitor wear performance and production rates, customizing each liner for the best possible performance. All variables are considered in this analysis — from the characteristics of the ore and the customer’s operative strategies to their production goals. We identify opportunities for improvement and adapt to challenges as they arise to offer solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Our liners are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and state-of-the-art technology and engineering, resulting in the most reliable, lowest total-cost-of-ownership-solutions for our customers.

Grinding Media
ME Elecmetal designs, manufactures, and supplies the highest quality forged steel grinding media for SAG and ball mills in the world. Our extensive field experience, engineering and consulting expertise enables us to accurately analyze operational data, so we can support our customers to achieve continuous improvement in their grinding processes. The process begins when we deliver the grinding media to your site and ends when your final product exits the mill.

Our experience and large-scale grinding media production capacity have positioned ME Elecmetal as a strategic partner in the global mining market. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales and application engineers can help you monitor and improve your processes by collecting and analyzing operating data, improving media charging practices and offering solutions to optimize your grinding media consumption and improve throughput.

ME Elecmetal ME FIT Solutions

Crusher Wear Parts and Safety Tooling

ME Elecmetal is the leader in offering wear solutions to crusher operators. We provide wear parts for primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing applications for the mining, aggregate and recycle industries with optimal designs and alloys specifically developed for each application. We will help tackle any customer challenge, while striving to maximize the benefits we provide. We can adapt to any type of equipment customers may have on site.

With a focus on safety, durability, and ease-of-use, ME Elecmetal
also offers a full line of Crusher Safety Tooling products designed to help you get the job done safer, faster, and smarter! Our products include:

  • Primary corrals
  • Dump pans
  • Setting fixtures
  • Crusher nuts
  • Power shackles
  • Spider hooks
  • Customized solutions


ME Elecmetal ME FIT Solutions

Optimization Tools and Services
There is an increasing demand in the mining industry for technology capable of optimizing processes, equipment, and performance. ME Elecmetal believes there is always room for improvement. We focus on delivering tailor-made technology solutions for grinding and crushing applications, with a complete offering of optimization tools, including wear monitoring, to further improve efficiency and provide our customers with timely information.

ME Elecmetal’s technical support and training goes beyond standard services offered by other suppliers. These services include DEM and FEM simulation services, 3D laser scanning for wear analysis, reline optimization, continuous improvement programs, grinding circuit optimization, and more.

ME Elecmetal ME FIT Solutions

3D DEM Simulations

ME Elecmetal ME FIT Solutions
FEA Simulations

ME Elecmetal ME FIT Solutions
Load levels, water percentage, speed, liner design, ball mill size and bolt torque are some of the variables that come into play, and digitization allows these variables to be addressed individually, or in combination to gain a better understanding of the operation.

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ME Elecmetal ME FIT Solutions

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