December 20, 2019 Quarry Blast Likely Cause of Bruce Peninsula Quake

SOURCE: NRC | December 30, 2019

A small tremor on the Bruce Peninsula appears to have resulted from a nearby quarry blast in Ontario, Canada.

A 2.1 magnitude tremor with an epicentre 14 kilometres north of Wiarton registered on the national seismic network.

Stephen Crane, research scientist with Natural Resources Cananda explains that a caller notified him of the incident last Friday, which he determined took place at a quarry off of Bruce County Road 9, southwest of the community of Hope Bay.

“We do get a lot of quarry blasts that we pick up with our national seismic network. It is a very sensitive network, so we can pick up things like mining events and quarry blasts,” he continued. “It is unusual for that area for us to pick one up.”

Crane is urging anyone who felt the tremor to contact the Natural Resources Canada website.

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