Designed to Deliver, Built to Last

SOURCE: Terex MPS | June 18, 2024

With over a century in the business, Cedarapids knows how to design a crusher to last the journey.

The brand, part of Terex Minerals Processing Systems, has seen its crushers and pavers used in everything from expanding the United States roads in the 1920s to the war effort in World War II, building roads and landing strips for the military.

As an enduring name in the aggregates business, few are more trusted to build and manufacture crushers that deliver quality material and last the distance.

Cedarapids, celebrated 100 years last year, remains as prominent today as it began in 1923 under Howard Hall and John Jay.

Today, as part of Terex, Cedarapids crushers and equipment are used to support infrastructure projects globally.

Cedarapids MVPX Series Cone Crushers support various infrastructure projects from state governments to local governments and private contractors.

The MVPX cone crushers are regarded as versatile equipment, as Terex designed them to withstand high production and negate downtime.

The series has three models in stationary or portable configurations ranging from 220 to 375kw. According to the company, these cone crushers can process up to 740 tonnes per hour, depending on the aggregate, with the capability to handle hard rock or recycled materials.

“Each machine offers you an array of competitive advantages from improved product quality to higher throughput capacities to lower operational costs,” the company said.

This is achieved through several key features that are fundamental to the MVPX Series.

The bolt-in V-seat is a key feature of the Cedarapids MVPX Series Cone Crushers. Image: Terex MPS

The cone crushers have a full-sized feed entry that can handle large slabs of feed. The head and chamber design, combined with the frictionless roller bearing, ensures the cone crusher can carry the load without material hang-ups. The roller bearings are frictionless, which, according to Terex Cedarapids, means they generate less heat and preserve the crusher’s service life.

The anti-spin mechanism Terex built into the MVPX Cone Crusher to protect the wear liners further extends this service life.

The mechanism prevents the cone head from spinning when it isn’t under load, which saves excessive wear and extends the life of the liners.

The cone crusher is manufactured with a heavy-duty base frame that can withstand even the harshest Australian conditions while producing material. Terex’s designers have optimised the design via computer and equipped rugged frames and nut castings to handle high-force crushing applications.

“Whether it’s a matter of capacity, quality, yield or efficiency, the Cedarapids MVPX will take you to high levels of performance,” the company said.

“Every aspect of the MVPX design was engineered to provide reliable operation day after day.”

The heavy-duty frame encases the patented ElJay Rollercone design. This works in tandem with the MVPX’s rotating wedge plate design to enable operators to crush more products on their first pass.

The wedge plate design transmits a very high percentage of the input energy to direct crushing power. Riding the wedge plate with an eccentric motion, the cone head squeezes rock between the mantle and stationary bowl liner.

Rock is crushed on the closed-side setting and simultaneously discharged on the open-side setting.

According to the company, the wear plates’ roller bearings further enhance productivity. Their tight tolerances reduce oversize to about 15 to 20 per cent instead of the 30 per cent-plus typical for bronze-bushing cones. As a result, more feed material is in the circuit with less recirculation.

“(It) has proven itself for decades, and with each succeeding generation, the MVPX has advanced the technology,” the company said.

“The Cedarapids MVPX offers power, capacity, quality and ultimately, profitability.”

The Cedarapids MVPX Series Cone Crushers are supported by Terex’s full range of support services. Spare and wear parts can be accessed through Terex’s global network and conduct field services, including maintenance, repair, and refurbishment.

“We understand your key focus is delivering your operational and financial goals,” the company said.

“By combining our global service network and proven, in-depth industry knowledge with your operational expertise, we’re able to provide you with the right solution to deliver a quality end product – with increased productivity.”

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