NSSGA Member Highlights Small Business Regulatory Challenges

SOURCE: NSSGA | October 27, 2023

Alexandria VA – Ric Suzio, vice president of Suzio York Hill Companies, testified this morning in a House Small Business Committee hearing on the Department of Labor’s burdensome regulations. Representing the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA), he shared concerns about the effects of new regulatory rules on his family’s small business.

“Small businesses thrive on predictability. Frequent, automatic changes hinder their ability to strategically plan, potentially jeopardizing both their stability and the well-being of their employees,” said Ric Suzio in his testimony. “It is crucial to recognize the disproportionate regulatory burdens placed on small businesses when overarching rules fail to account for their unique challenges.”

This year, in addition to increased inflationary costs, small businesses are having to tackle compliance with regulations that have convoluted standards and excessive red tape. Suzio cites specific issues with OSHA’s tracking workplace injuries and illnesses rule, the change regarding workplace inspections, MSHA’s silica rule, the independent contractor rule, the overtime rule, Davis Bacon Act and the joint-employer definition.

“The financial strain such regulations place on us is substantial, with many of us absorbing these costs,” said Suzio. “Over time, this financial burden risks driving consolidation within the industry, overshadowing the essential role of small businesses.”

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