Volvo CE Boost Charging Flexibility With Mobile Power Unit

SOURCE: Volvo CE | September 18, 2023

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) are increasing their growing portfolio of charging solutions with a mobile Power Unit – designed to provide flexible and lasting power to remote locations or sites with zero or weak grid access.

To help collectively achieve the industry’s sustainable transformation, innovative solutions are needed to provide reliable, efficient, and fast charging for electric machines. The transportable 600V Power Unit for larger machines by Volvo CE, available now to selected customers, offers just that with its zero-emission battery-powered energy accessible for exactly when and where it is required.

It is currently being rolled out to various sites, including Sweden’s largest fossil-free worksite in Stockholm together with construction company Skanska. Providing power to a 23-tonne EC230 Electric excavator – and in doing so ensuring emission-free operation on site – it is transforming the industry’s approach to fossil-free power solutions.

The energy storage system is designed to deliver reliable electric power for mid-size and large battery-electric construction machines, including the Volvo EC230 Electric and the Volvo L120H Electric Conversion wheel loader, doing so much more sustainably than traditional diesel-powered alternatives. It is also an efficient power source for other battery-powered vehicles such as electric trucks and cars – making fully emission-free worksites possible.

Elodie Guyot, head of electromobility sales Europe, said: ‘Electric machines are one part of the puzzle when it comes to establishing fully fossil-free worksites – another is reliable charging solutions. Our Power Unit is the next step in our ambition to decarbonize the construction industry, helping customers comply with environmental regulations while ensuring the steady and efficient supply of power they need to get the job done.’

Truly mobile, it can be easily transported, so if there is weak or low grid access on site, customers can charge the Power Unit elsewhere and bring the power to where it is needed, ensuring optimum productivity, uptime, and flexibility.

With the major benefit of power peak shaving – which is a continuous low-power charging of the batteries in the Power Unit or a high-power fast charging of construction equipment when needed – it allows for high power charging on sites with poor grid. Another advantage is the potential for significant cost savings during operation, replacing the need for costly fuel with lower-cost electricity.

If configured with new or second-life battery packs – such as those that have previously been used within other Volvo products such as trucks, buses or construction equipment – customers can add further environmental gains to the Power Unit.

‘The Power Unit is a great example of the solutions we are exploring together with Volvo CE,’ said Niklas Thulin, head of direct sales for Volvo Energy. ‘Repurposing batteries is key to circularity and being able to give battery packs a second life in new products, which in themselves enable charging or integration of renewable energy, brings tangible sustainability and economic values.’

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